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Planetfall by L.E. Howel (Planetfall #1)

by L.E. Howel

Series: Planetfall - Book 1
Publication Date: February 22, 2014
Publisher: L.E. Howel
Genre: Science Fiction
Print Length: 360 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
 You can never go home. That had always been understood, so when Major Thomas Birch and his bedraggled crew limped back hundreds of years later it was clear that something had gone wrong.

Stumbling from a failed past into an uncertain future the crew of the Hypnos III find that sometimes the only thing worse than what you run from is the thing you run to.

Planetfall by L.E. Howel (Planetfall #1) 

Planetfall (Planetfall, #1)It is said you can never go home, and for several brave men and women who take to space, knowing they will never see their loved ones or their home planet again, this adage proves far too true, but not in the way they imagined. Sent as part of a mission to build a new colony on another planet, the members of the Hypnos III meet with failure and after years in a frozen stasis Major Thomas Birch gives the order to head back to a future Earth that far surpasses their worst nightmares and it all started with their re-entry into Earth’s atmosphere.

Life as they knew it is gone, cities are ruined hulks standing like sentries over the dead, giving up no secrets to reveal the devastation that occurred. The planet has been decimated by two factions, the government, a weak power that uses divisiveness and might in a losing battle against a feral group of militants who oppose everything the government stands for. Coming “home” as strangers, as part of a past long forgotten, these brave men and women will fight for their lives against all odds, only to wonder if they are fighting on the right side or if they are being used as pawns in a game where nobody wins.

L.E. Howel’s PLANETFALL depicts a bleak and terrifying future for the planet Earth as humanity once again, turns a world willing to give its all for their existence into a squirming cesspool of war and death. I felt I was part of the science fiction of days gone by, where the unknowns of the future play out with deadly abandon and our heroes are like dinosaurs in a land they no longer belong to with only their own keen sense of survival and ingenuity can keep them alive. Will they find their place in this new society or will they welcome the possible death that awaits them in the shadows?

Pure science fiction at its best! No over the top monsters, machines or heroes, only people with grit, the will to survive and a quest for the truth, hard to think those traits could be lost in the world they have come home to. Start to finish, engaging, riveting and fast-paced reading that peaks the imagination!

I received this copy from L.E. Howel in exchange for my honest review.

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