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Rookie Moves - A Checkmate Inc. Novel (Checkmate, Inc) by Shelly Alexander

Rookie Moves - A Checkmate Inc. Novel
by Shelly Alexander

My rating: 4 stars

Publisher: A Touch of Sass, LLC (February 20, 2017)
Publication Date: February 20, 2017
Genre: Erotic Romance
Print Length: 178 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
Smart guys make the best lovers. We’re curious and want to learn as much as possible, especially when it comes to women. Women are the most fascinating and complicated species on the planet, right? So when we meet a lady who piques our interest, it drives our curiosity to soaring heights. We want to study her. Figure her out.

Lucky SOB that I am, I’ve built a career on this very thing. As a founding partner of Checkmate Inc., a company that’s grown into a multimillion-dollar business, I’m a quasi-celebrity. It’s a role I never expected, and out of all three Checkmate partners I’ve somehow been labeled the jet-setting playboy.

I don’t mind the smokescreen. I can’t commit to a serious relationship while I trot around the globe to oversee our expansion, a venture that could bankrupt Checkmate if I don’t keep my eye on the prize. Besides, the only woman I’d like to study, figure out, and unlock her ear-splitting cry of ecstasy is the one woman I can’t have. And since she’s one of my closest friends and my business partner’s sister, a jet-setting playboy image is the perfect facade to hide my true feelings.

  Rookie Moves - A Checkmate Inc. Novel (Checkmate, Inc)
by Shelly Alexander
Dex is the geeky nerd turned hot commodity. Together with his best friends, also high school chess playing Rookie Moves - A Checkmate Inc. Novelgeeks, they begin a company that has exploded into a mega business that brings wealth and the power to be one of the “celebrities” of the tabloids. Always the ladies’ man, Dex has a secret, he has been in love with his best friend’s little sister forever and that little secret is about to be let out of the bag. The fireworks it causes makes the Fourth of July look like a few kiddie sparklers!

Ava has always hidden the fact that she has the hots for Dex. Her older and over-protective brother, Leo has yet to find a man worthy of her. And if he found out his best friend and business partner was sniffing around her, the fallout would be disastrous. (Even though, it is none of his business in the long run.)

ROOKIE MOVES by Shelly Alexander hits emotional and sensual temperatures well past the boiling point of water! Two adults, acting like teens, attempt to sneak around because to tell big brother would be a nightmare. In spite of the heated passion, my ardor was cooled by the man with the genius IQ who repeatedly thought of his less than brilliant conversational skills. Um, did he miss the sneaking around part? The part that the entire world got to see in a tabloid photo? (Loved that serious breach of privacy.)

Ava is a siren under her beautiful and platonic fa├žade she has maintained, but the honest passion and love these two clearly share is wonderful, hot and feels right. Dex, well, he needed to get over the whole he is my best friend thing.

Shelly Alexander does know how to write, and she did find some humor in the whole situation, as she allowed Dex to tell us his side of this not-so-secret romance!

I received an ARC edition in exchange for my honest review.

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