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Surrender to Me by G.J. Cox

Surrender to Me
by G J Cox

My rating: 4  stars

Publication Date: January 21, 2017
Publisher: G.J. Cox
Genre: Erotic Romance
Print Length: 212 pages
Available from: Amazon
I’d said my goodbyes to Damien, my ex-lover, two and half years prior and had moved on, or so I thought. Willow, my girlfriend, was the perfect woman, submissive and lover to me and I loved her unconditionally but something was missing in my life. For as much as Willow gave to me, I felt incomplete, undone, and to make matters worse, for the past several months I’d been dreaming of Damien and calling out for him in my sleep. Can I put Damien back in the past where he belongs before Willow gets hurt?

I fell in love with Jacob the moment he walked into my coffee shop and we’d been inseparable ever since. But, I knew I wasn’t enough for him, he needed more, he needed something...or someone other than me to be happy and content. I wish I was enough but I know what he truly needs is Damien St. James. Can I give him Damien and still keep him or am I destined to lose the man I love? Will it even matter when my past comes back to haunt me and I may need to go on the run again?

I’d chosen my career over Jacob and had regretted it every day since. I thought, believed, that being involved with a man would ruin me. Now, I have a new career and a new understanding of what it means to have loved and lost. I was determined to get Jacob back, the one true love of my life, but then a red haired beauty with big green eyes enters my life and turns it upside down. Will I need to choose between them or can we make a very unconventional, unusual relationship work?

This book contains male on male sex scenes, threesomes and BDSM components. If you find these subject matters offensive, please consider one of my other works. Thank you for considering Surrender to Me.

Surrender to Me by G.J. Cox

In a world finally becoming more accepting of unique relationships, three souls bond together in a warm and loving relationship where jealousy seems to be non-existent, but danger stalks one of them and it may be to the grave. G.J. Cox presents her tale of erotica and BSDM, but unveils a side that seems less salacious and sheds light on the relationships those who are part of the lifestyle share.

SURRENDER TO ME is part love story, part twisted suspense, part erotic romance and a quick and easy-flowing read. Willow is on the run from her ex and his family, hiding out in a town she never thought he would find her in. The day Jacob walked into her coffee shop, she lost her heart to the man and gave him her trust. As their relationship grew, Willow and Jacob both knew something or someone from his past was missing. Should she risk losing him by telling him she knows his heart?

Damien does own Jacob’s heart, but so does Willow, but Willow is in danger and she must be protected at all times. One mistake and she could become the victim of her sadistic ex-husband out for vengeance and the money she was given to go away. And that mistake happened…
Looking for a romance with respect for one another? Not interested in heavy BDSM, but something less brutal? G.J. Cox has written another tale that crosses genres while telling a good story. Her main characters are likable and flawed, sharing a bond few can truly understand, but it is that bond that makes this tale the romance it is.

I received this copy from G.J. Cox in exchange for my honest review.

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