Saturday, February 18, 2017

The Alan Black Legacy

Alan Black

Husband - Best-Selling Independent Author - Giveaway King - Friend

The literary world has lost a Huge talent this past January.
Like all the Great and Gifted Authors, Alan has left behind a legacy of reading for fans, new and old and thanks to his prolific pen, there are still more books to come after they have gone under the critical eye of his Chief Editor, wife and best friend, Duann Black!
Duann has also promised to keep his sites alive, continue to promote his work and respond on his behalf!
 In Alan Black's Words - Who is Alan Black?

 I am a multi-genre author who never met a good story I didn't want to tell and a #1 bestselling author on Amazon and Kindle for Metal Boxes (a young adult science fiction military action adventure).

I love telling stories. They pop into my head and swirl around getting wrapped up and twisted until I'm able to entertain myself with them. After that, I like to write them down and share them with my readers. I'm not trying to write profound tales that change people's lives, but I'm prefer to think of myself as a literary entertainer.

Vision statement: I want my readers amazed they missed sleep because they could not put down one of my books. I want my readers amazed I made them laugh on one page and cry on the next. I want to give my readers a pleasurable respite from the cares of the world for a few hours. I want to offer stories I would want to read.

My thoughts on Alan Black
As one of Alan's biggest fans, I can say he succeeded in reaching his vision and then some! Who remembers entering one of his Giveaways and getting a virtual hug from Harpo? It became part of all of his posts on Tome Tender and wow, he had some awesome Giveaways! 
Alan "got" the idea of promotions! He gave back to his readers in spades and has yet to be dethroned as the Giveaway King on Tome Tender!
He gave away everything but the kitchen sink and answered every comment, had a few words for every person who responded to invitations, always the showman and his best promotions asset!

And, yes, he KNEW what he wanted in his banners and posts, trust me, I sweat a few bullets on those banners and he was ALWAYS right! (Okay, I admitted it, Alan!) 
Alan made me laugh, took me into space, to other worlds and introduced me to some quirky heroes, some anti-heroes and a few space creatures along the way!  And yes, he often kept me up far too late at night reading!  
Alan making a point - Me all star struck!

I even got to meet Alan and Duann when they made a special trip to Ocala on the way to a cruise.
He said, "Pick a restaurant."-I did, a brand new one that looked great from the outside
Big Mistake, so Alan even unknowingly taught me to do my due diligence on eateries.
All I will say is Sorry Alan & Duann - Thank the stars they closed quickly! 

(And no, I violated no rules about knowing an Author - A large book seller had already dumped me, but Alan kept sending me his books as a FRIEND!)

That is Alan Black and that is part of the legacy he leaves behind!

Today, February 18, 2017 is a Smiles Only Memorial for Alan in Arizona, the place he called home.  The attendees will read like a Who's Who of the Indie world, booksellers, his friends and family. I am honored to say, Duann called me, I was invited and personally let me know about Alan. She is a marvel and promises to carry on his business of promoting his books!

If I could ask one thing of everyone who sees this post, please Tweet, or share it wherever you can in honor of this wonderful personality!

Feel free to leave a comment, I will make sure Duann sees them all!

Author Anna Questerly, Alan and Duann

Alan Black's Books 

 Out of Publication
Science Fiction



Alan's last published book - Sept 2016

 Ozark Mountain Series - Historical Christian Fiction 
Alan Co-Authored the first books of this series with his Mom!

      Quest for the White Wind
Want to learn MORE about Alan's books? Just Click Here!


  1. Beautiful words. I was lucky enough to get to know Alan and considered him a friend. He was always incredibly supportive and happy to use my services as a small bookseller at local events. He will be missed. As I attend the celebration of his life today, I must admit it will be difficult to only smile, but I will do my best.

    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts about an amazing man!

  2. Dianne, thank you for honoring our friend Alan with this beautiful tribute. I'm sure you know how I felt/feel about him. Alan was one of a kind. I'm thankful he'll live on through his work. That's quite a legacy for anyone! --Michael

  3. Oh no! I am so saddened by this! I was introduced to Alan on your blog, Dianne! I'm so going to miss Alan, but I'm so glad that Duann will be keeping Alan's work alive. Thank you for this wonderful, yet sad post, and thank you for introducing me to Alan's wonderful writing. </3