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The Burning Years by Felicity Harley

The Burning Years
by Felicity Harley

Publisher: Double Dragon eBooks (February 14, 2017)
Publication Date: February 14, 2017
Genre: Science Fiction | Survival | Thriller
Print Length: 254 pages
Available from: Amazon
In the year, 2060, Sophie, a top female scientist, dismantles the government weather modification program and steals the male and female trans-humans who hold the promise of extended life.

While the remaining inhabitants of Earth are forced to design new underground habitats in order to survive a harsh, overheated world, Captain Rachel Chen, takes the worldship Persephone to Proxima Centauri, hoping that this new star system will provide a refuge for the survivors of the human race.

The Burning Years by Felicity Harley 

The Burning YearsImagine a time in the not so distant future when all of the warnings about global warming and humanity robbing our planet of all it has to give comes true. The Earth has become the enemy to our existence, but science has fought back by creating a better human, part machine, part flesh, able to repel what the elements can do. Imagine the hunt for a new planet to call home, ships sent into space, traveling years from our planet, colonies being established on the moon and even Mars.

What is left of the world is now under one governing body, a body filled with greed, treachery and whose truths lay hidden from the common man’s eyes. Underground communities of rebel spring up, those fighting to survive in the harsh winds and heat.

Two of the most brilliant scientists escape to freedom in an effort to save mankind, but not before becoming public enemy #1. Now on the run with their greatest creation, two cyborg beings, the government will stop at nothing to obtain what they consider the prefect fighting machines, including killing the last hopes for a second chance at life on Earth.

THE BURNING YEARS by Felicity Harley should be a must read as a warning to what looks to be Earth’s future. Track brave heroes as they forge the unknowns of space, knowing they will never return to the Earth. Follow the journey on land of a heroic group of scientists and their first successes with modifying the human body into a faster, stronger, being with the true capabilities to survive the chaotic furnace Earth has become. Are they also the key to near immortality?

I felt I was reading a journal of the events in the future, of those who gave their lives, those who survived and those who made survival possible. Covering decades of time, see the next generations rise, stronger, smarter and still willing to carry on the quest for humanity’s survival.

All I can say is read it, you’ll be glad you did as some very possible scenes unfold as once again, mankind’s own greed and lust for power and eternal youth threaten to bring Earth to its dying breath. I was mesmerized by Felicity Harley’s depiction of the future, based on current scientific data, postulation and the creative genius of an author with some powerful ideas that just seem terrifyingly real.

I received this copy from Felicity Harley in exchange for my honest review.

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  1. Thank you Dianne - when you are a writer a great deal of angst follows you. The minute the book hits the publisher you are filled with doubts. To have validation like this from someone who doesn't know you and has never read your work before is an incredible gracious gift. Many kudos to you and your work to promote writers. We couldn't do it without you.