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The Halfling by H.D. Gordon (The Aria Fae Series, Book 1)

The Halfling
by H.D. Gordon

Series: The Aria Fae Series - Book 1
Publisher: H. D. Gordon Books (January 31, 2016)
Publication Date: January 31, 2016
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Print Length: 320 pages
Available From: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
Being seventeen and an outcast is hard. Being seventeen and only half human is harder.

When Aria Fae gets cast out of the Peace Brokers, a secret supernatural organization that’s trained her since infancy, and is left to fend for herself in the human world, she finds herself in Grant City, intent on attempting a normal human life.

As a Halfling, Aria has abilities that are a little underused in the flower shop she lands a job at. And when her new friend Samantha Shy enlists Aria to help investigate her mother’s death, the two girls decide to become vigilantes.

A new drug called Black Magic is running rampant in the streets of Grant City, turning people into supercharged maniacs. With Sam’s mad computer skills, and Aria’s Faevian abilities, they may be just the heroes Grant City is in need of.

Or they may find out they’re in way over their heads, and their mutual crush on the same guy is the least of their worries.

 The Halfling by H.D. Gordon (The Aria Fae Series, Book 1)

The Halfling (The Aria Fae Series, Book 1)Her life lay ahead of her, a talented and well-trained warrior in a secret supernatural organization, the only place Aria has known as home her entire life. One mistake, one rule bent, all in the name of kindness and Aria finds herself adrift and alone in the human world, an outcast, a half fae, half human with nowhere to call home, no one to stand with her, fight for her or comfort her.
Determined to make it in the human world, she far surpasses her seventeen years in maturity, entering high school, finding a dive of an apartment and landing a job in a quaint florist shop.

Sure, she has powers, sure she will always stand for the underdog, the innocents and when crime hits her town, she is there to protect and serve as an anonymous heroine. At least that how she sees herself. Others would call her a vigilante, but soon, some would call her friend, ally and amazing. One will hope to call her girlfriend. But is she truly ready for the superhero she is encouraged to be? Is she ready to be the human girl she tries to be? When a vile drug called Black Magic comes to town, she knows she must put an end to it at any cost, even if one halfling werewolf goes hunting for her, is she ready to defend herself and her town? Who or what is she willing to risk to end this evil?

THE HALFLING by H.D. Gordon was from start to finish, a fresh and spellbinding read! Aria is powerful as a heroine, she is a force to be reckoned with a heart of gold, a heart that yearns to be shared with others. She is resilient, a woman-child just learning to trust others and accept help. She is also a healer, no matter the toll it takes on her. Her teen companions are the thing of dreams, adventurous, accepting and loyal, no teen angst here! And that love interest? He has his own secrets, too.

I just loved this read, filled with teen growing pains, sad moments of loss, a few laughs and that mysterious neighbor who always seems to show just when Aria needs a helping hand…
This is one of those hidden gems that I am so glad I read!

I received this copy from H.D. Gordon in exchange for my honest review.

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