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The Winners of Nancy Glynn's AND NEVER LOSE HIS HEART are:
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A special thanks to Nancy Glynn for another fabulous and romantic read!
And Never Lose His Heart
by Nancy Glynn
Series: Town of Destiny - Book 3
Publication Date: February 3, 2017
Publisher: Nancy Glynn
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Print Length: 248 pages
Available from: Amazon
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When bestselling author Eve Michaels puts an ad out seeking hands-on experience in farming for her latest book, she never expects to discover more than about agriculture and horses. She's set in her single city life until a desperate woman answers the ad...but with a warning. Destiny is calling her name.

Sexy widower Grayson Walker thinks his destiny happened twenty-five years ago, but he's wrong. He's against having a stranger in his home from the beginning and tries to stop the beautiful writer from stepping foot on his land and claiming it, but she claims more than his land.

However, the mystery of Grayson's late wife's death bothers Eve. No one wants to talk about it. Will it be enough to keep her on Grayson's farm or make her run back to Chicago where she believes she's safe?

These can all be read as standalone books in no particular order. All couples are different and no continuation of stories, but they are set in the same town of Destiny.
  And Never Lose His Heart Nancy Glynn 
(Town of Destiny #3)
And Never Lose His Heart (Town of Destiny #3)Yes! Love and romance CAN happen between two strong-willed people who have garbled pasts and silver streaks in their hair! Nancy Glynn has nailed this romantic tale with reality, maturity and real passion that comes out of a chance meeting, or was it Fate?AND NEVER LOSE HIS HEART is proof that just because you are independent, strong and can take care of yourself, you are not dead over forty.

Like any good author, best-seller Eve Michaels needs to research farming and places an ad for hands-on experience. What better way to discover more than you bargained for than to heading to the small town of Destiny?

Grayson Walker was unaware his married daughter had answered Eve’s ad until after the fact. His standoffish demeanor and frowning, but handsome face is hiding secrets that are just begging to be uncovered by Eve. There is something about this handsome man that seems haunted and shuttered.

Always one to stand on her own two feet, Eve has had her share of pain but refuses to be afraid to take a chance on the unknown, but Grayson’s secrets run heartbreakingly deep and they revolve around the beautiful wife he lost years before. Is he still carrying a torch for her memory or is there something more chilling that hides deep within his soul?

They say we only get one true love, what we don’t know is if it is our first love, our longest love or the love that we didn’t see coming? As Eve works on her book, she discovers another unfinished tale that can only be completed with love.

This time out, Nancy Glynn’s tale of love’s destiny is filled with strong characters and unwraps the layers of passion that lead to love. Read it, love the characters, love their stories and love their resilience and determination to take true love and hold on tight.
The Town of Destiny far...
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Nancy Glynn was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, the setting for all her stories. In her stories, you’ll find strong, independent women with big hearts. These ladies are mature in their 30’s and know what they want and don’t want in a man. The leading men will make you drool, not only at their sexy appearance but by the way they treat their women. They are always gentlemen but passionate lovers. When they realize they are in love, nothing stops them from proving it. In the Town of Destiny series, you will meet these couples, all different from each book. And Never Let Her Go, And Never Say Goodbye, and working on And Never Give Up Hope. You will also get a glimpse of Chicago weather–the storms, oh, the storms…
When not writing, Nancy is laughing with her three teens, being treated like a queen by her adoring husband, and cuddling with her three dogs and bunny.
The author’s books are a mixture of Gothic Horror/Romance in the Golden Hills Legacy Series and currently Contemporary Romance in the Town of Destiny (And Never) Series. You can grab copies in either ebook or paperback. To get an e-mail whenever the author releases a new title, sign up for the VIP newsletter by clicking this link (opens a secure signup form in a new window).
She is also adding to her ARC Team for the Town of Destiny Series. If interested in being part of this fabulous team and to receive a free copy of upcoming releases, contact her below to add you to this list with the agreement of giving a review by the launch date. You can also join at this link: ARC Team. Be sure to follow her on Goodreads as she is always running giveaways of signed copies.
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