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We Thought We Were Invincible by Michelle Lynn

We Thought We Were Invincible
by Michelle Lynn

Publisher: Creativia; 1 edition (February 8, 2017)
Publication Date: February 8, 2017
Genre: YA Mystery | Coming of age
Print Length: 246 pages
Available from: Amazon
California “Callie” McCoy feels most alive when her feet are planted firmly on her surfboard on a big swell. And one day, she dreams of riding that wave out of her small town. Away from everyone.

Her plan is simple: graduate high school. With Callie's best friend gone away to college, she plans on spending her senior year skating by. She isn’t looking for friends, and especially not for love - all she needs are her waves and her twin brother. Even if he comes with an annoying best friend, Jamie Daniels, who she can’t stand.

Jamie is a care-free, easy-going surfer who has everything. On the surface, his life appears perfect, but reality is far from it. He has his share of secrets, including one that burns deeper than any other. It’s a good thing Callie hates him because if she didn’t, Jamie knows there’s no way he’d be able to stay away.

And then, one night, everything changes. And nothing will ever be the same.

 We Thought We Were Invincible by Michelle Lynn

We Thought We Were InvincibleGrowing up is hard to do and for one group of teens, it was the end of their innocence about life, love and the invincibility of youth. Get ready to feel the angst, the confusion, the love and the intensity of youth with Michelle Lynn’s WE THOUGHT WE WERE INVINCIBLE. I promise you, you will find something you can identify with in this group of friends who find that life is not all laughter and fun as they learn the value of loyalty, the strength to make daring moves and face some hard truths about life and how each path can converge, split and re-converge, but will never be the same as the times of innocence.

I have never experienced a story quite like Michelle Lynn’s tale of teens in crisis. Callie is a loner with a sharp tongue and a wise countenance sometimes far beyond her years, but there is a blank in her life that needs to be filled, she is determined to know who her father was and why he wasn’t in her life. She also wants and needs someone in her life to be more than a friend. Enter her twin brother’s best friend, Jamie, the boy she has never gotten on with, with his cocky attitude, his mutual dislike and something dark that brews within him. What she discovers is a boy who has never known a loving home, a touch that didn’t bring pain and a kindred soul who understands her need to be in the water, riding the crest of a wave, to feel the world through her surfboard, the one her late mother owned.

Jamie gets her, period, but that is because he, too needs to feel free from a guilt he never earned, self-loathing he didn’t deserve and a life that has brought him nothing but pain. Together they almost complete each other. And then it happened, a nightmare of death and destruction that will forever scar their youth and their lives.

Wonderfully flawed characters, misunderstandings and vows made that may never be kept. As the world awaits, these teens must choose their own paths, but will they bring more heartache or will they realize the joy of what awaits them together? Incredible reading, astounding writing that came straight from the author’s very soul and it shows.

I received this copy from Michelle Lynn in exchange for my honest review.

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