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A Perfect Murder and Other Stories by S.R. Nair

A Perfect Murder and Other Stories
by S.R. Nair

My rating: 4 stars

Publication Date: August 17, 2016
Publisher: S.R. Nair
Genre: Short Story Anthology - Suspense
Print Length: 170 pages
Available from: Amazon
A na├»ve man and a divorcee, a wronged woman’s fight for justice, a poor woman’s desire for an iPad, a charming young man plots to seduce a beautiful, blonde tourist, a staunchly orthodox immigrant’s struggle to assimilate in the U.S. … These are some of the captivating stories in this book which heralds a distinct voice and is a “seriously good read”.

 A Perfect Murder and Other Stories by S.R. Nair

A Perfect Murder and Other StoriesIf you enjoy short stories that pack a quiet punch, S.R. Nair’s A PERFECT MURDER AND OTHER STORIES is more than just a collection of events to entertain. Mr. Nair wrote his pieces based on the cultural differences between India and, say, the United States. To think he applied Indian laws, cultural heritage and realities to his tales is fascinating as well as eye-opening.

Each story is brief with an air of suspense, as well as a touch of darkness. And there is a great deal of attention spent on the details from murder to lust to greed and customs that seem archaic in modern society as we know it.

S.R. Nair has a gift for wonderful writing while being true to his own heritage in his settings! Each story is fleshed out, feeling much longer than what it actually is. Kudos to another author on my must read list!

I received this copy from S.R. Nair in exchange for my honest review.


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