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A Soul to Take (Soul Stealers #1) by Emily Taylor

A Soul to Take
by Emily Taylor

Trilogy - Soul Stealers - Book 1
Expected publication: April 4th 2017 by REUTS Publications, LLC

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The world has changed: demons of legend now live among humans, integrated into society through Government programs, wishing for peace.

Elixia Albelin, however, isn’t sold. As an Agent-in-training, she knows firsthand the blood-thirst of demons and isn’t jumping to befriend the monsters plaguing her dreams.
But when a mission sours, Elixia’s sister is caught in the crossfire: taken. Abandoned by those meant to protect her family, Elixia is left with only one option if she wants to retrieve her sister—a taboo option that goes against everything she believes in.

She must sell her soul.

Now, bound to a beast and living on borrowed time, Elixia has to navigate the demonic world to find her sister within a cesspool of human traffickers and serial killers. Enemies control her fate, the simplest truths are questioned, and misperceptions must be shattered. Only one thing remains consistent—Elixia must find her sister before time runs out. Or become the very thing she fears most: a soulless monster.

Gritty, powerful, and exciting, A Soul to Take is a gripping debut that explores prejudice, justice, and the consequences one family faces when those two collide.

  A Soul to Take (Soul Stealers #1) by Emily Taylor

A Soul to Take (Soul Stealers Trilogy, #1)Imagine a world where demons co-exist with humans. Is it possible? Can there be peace? Are demons as vile and evil as we have always been taught or are they simply “misunderstood” and “different?” Elixia doesn’t buy into the notion that demons are just different, she knows they are blood-thirsty beasts that crave nothing more than a human soul and that is why she is in training to be an agent for an army of soldiers formed to keep them in line. But can a human ever best a lightning fast demon, no matter the weapons used? They have magic and ruins, hyper-speed and super-human strength…but they have never faced Elixia on a mission, a young woman who is more than just determined.

When one mission goes belly up, Elixia’s younger sister is taken and it is up to Elixia to bring her home safe, alive and with her soul intact. Shellie is all she has left and she will do anything to save her, including selling her soul, binding her to one of the very beasts she despises. Time is running out for Elixia and trusting in a demon is her only way to get to her sister through the hellish maze of demons, human trafficking and serial killers, not to mention unholy cyborgs that will not die. Will Sebastian prove to be more than the Demon master’s right hand monster?

What Elixia discovers on her mission to hell and back is that just maybe there are as many kinds of demons as there are humans, good, bad and filled with deceit. How many must dies to ensure her sister is found and saved? What will Elixia become now that her soul has been stolen? Just when she thinks she is finally able to steal back her sister, her world will fall out from under her completely when she is witness to what remained of a man she once looked to to protect her at any cost, not to mention the truths that have been withheld from her. As Elixia torments herself over who and what she really is, or what her future will hold, everything will take a back seat to saving Shell.

Emily Taylor’s A SOUL TO TAKE is not a quick, fly through the pages read. It is a fast-paced, but very detailed tale of a young woman on a mission in a world gone dark and dangerous. Elixia’s journey is richly detailed, from start to finish, as Emily Taylor forgoes a short tale for an in-depth saga that never lets up. Fall into a world that embraces multiple genres from the paranormal to a mix of steampunk with a futuristic feel. Characters that range from quirky to mysterious to bull-headed, much like Elixia will take you on a journey you will not see coming with a fresh take on heroines, demons and so much more. Definitely add this one to your must read list!

I received an ARC edition from Reuts Publications in exchange for my honest review.


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