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Blaming the Wind by Alessandra Harris

Blaming the Wind
by Alessandra Harris

My rating: 4 stars

Publisher: Red Adept Publishing, LLC (April 19, 2016)
Publication Date: April 19, 2016
Genre: Dysfunctional Families | Women's Fiction
Print Length: 314 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
Sophia Douglas can’t shake the fear that she’s in over her head. A spontaneous elopement and a layoff from her high-paying job are stressful enough, but a plus sign on her pregnancy test sends her into a panic. Fearing her husband, Terrence, might leave like her father did, Sophia confides her insecurities to Tara, her friend and mom of three.

Though Tara Fisher encourages Sophia to trust Terrence, she’s hiding her own secret: a handsome attorney is pursuing her, and she’s questioning her commitment to Josh, her husband of ten years. After a devastating career-ending accident, Josh has changed and so have Tara’s feelings for him.

When a crisis arises that threatens to destroy Sophia and Terrence’s young marriage, Sophia must either overcome her fear of abandonment or lose everything she never knew she wanted. Meanwhile, as Tara is torn between responsibility and passion, her imperfectly put together life starts to unravel, and ghosts from her past resurface to haunt her.

As these two couples grapple with secrets, temptation, and illness, only time will tell if their vows are strong enough to hold them together.

Blaming the Wind by Alessandra Harris

Blaming the WindSecrets, lies, infidelity and unrealistic expectations from life bring two couples, neighbors and best friends to their knees as each grapple with their pasts, their presents and their futures. Two marriages in crisis, different actions and reactions, well-intentioned, yet unwelcomed surprises, lack of communication and respect, pretty much two recipes for disaster in what had been the bright and hopeful dreams of husbands and wives.

Alessandra Harris’ BLAMING THE WIND follows a young family with three young children as their roles are reversed and Tara Fisher has become the breadwinner and Josh, the stay-at-home Dad after an injury ends his career. Although Josh has embraced his role and is everything Tara thought she wanted, a handsome stranger steals her mind and body for tawdry trysts.

Meanwhile, down on their financial luck, with Sophia pink-slipped and Terrence’s career on the line, married only a year and about to lose their home, struggle to face the future when a family crisis brings even more stress on their young relationship. When Sophia discovers she is pregnant, she withholds the information from Terrence because of twisted and undisclosed fears she holds inside. Will Terrence give up on Sophia and find solace in the arms of another who offers herself freely? Can Sophia blame him?

As Tara plays a game of Russian Roulette with her marriage, Josh learns of her suspected infidelity in a moment of shared marital passion. Trapped in her own guilt, her ability to blame her past, her lover and pretty much anyone but herself, causes her to break down mentally. Can she be healed? Will Josh accept her back?

Alessandra Harris paints a bleak picture of reality in two marriages, of the cost of selfishness and its consequences, painting a sad picture of contemporary romance in the world today, as well as the pressures of mental illness that goes un-diagnosed and untreated. Ms. Harris does not paint her characters in rosy colors, they are all flawed, although some truly know the concept of “…until death do us part.” In a world of disposable relationships, this is the prefect commentary on how ill-prepared many are to commit with all they have, for a lifetime.

There are many triggers, from infidelity, to its aftermath, deceit and attempted suicide, as well as mental health issues. For me, few characters were likable, few had the backbone to either grab on tight and work through the problems or walk away, before more damage is done. One even forgot to think of her children first. An emotionally jarring read, told with a dark atmosphere that proves that in order to have a happy ever after, it takes commitment and total trust and honesty.

Ms. Harris has done a wonderful job of drawing out her readers' emotions and reactions.

I received this copy from Alessandra Harris in exchange for my honest review.

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