Thursday, March 2, 2017

Phoenix by Thea Atkinson (Theta Waves, #1)

Phoenix (Theta Waves #1)
by Thea Atkinson

My rating: 2.5 stars

No publishing information available. It appears to be part of a larger book. 

She has the power to change the world; he was born to destroy it.

Drug-addicted Theda has a unique gift that might have been useful in a world that believed in something. Not in New Earth. Using her gift now that the god has come and gone is the one thing punishable by death, and Theda isn't the kind of girl to take too many chances. There are just two things that matter to her: tricking out her gift so she can eat, and blissing out on her drug of choice so she can forget the past--not exactly in that order.

It's the craving for a fix that gets her into the worst trouble when a rugged bounty hunter as damaged as she is discovers her secret. Now she is on a new quest for survival -- one where the very handsome and enigmatic man who hunts her down becomes the person she must trust.

In a gritty, post-apocalyptic world, where any notion of god has been abandoned, humankind must look within for redemption.

Phoenix by Thea Atkinson (Theta Waves, #1)
Phoenix (Theta Waves #1)In a dystopian world, all morals, character and integrity have seemed to disappear. Drug addiction runs rampant and Theda uses her hidden gift to get her next fix. Living on the streets, like so many, she is a frequent target of gang rape, beatings and still, she lives on. Only one man seems to care for her but is he who he seems to be or does he, too have his own dark agenda for her?

Murder is blasé, beatings and theft are run of the mill, but Heaven help you if you say anything that could be construed as religious. Theda moved along, keeping her head down until a bounty hunter discovers her secret gift and that’s when her life really goes to Hell.

PHOENIX, THETA WAVES, 1 by Thea Atkinson is dark, gritty and raw, perhaps too raw at times. Ms. Atkinson sure knows how to create atmosphere and shred the slime off the underbelly of life. Her writing is wonderful, but for as short as this tale was, there was far too much violence, drug addiction, and savagery for me. Trust me, these scenes are very detailed which gives credence to the pen of Ms. Atkinson, but having a heroine or anti-heroine high through most of the story, especially when she was being gang raped was a little too disturbing for me when there was such an opportunity for more story.


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