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Pulse: The Trial by R. A. Crawford

PULSE: The Trial

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Written by: R.A. Crawford
Print Length: 215 pages
Publisher: Winlock Press
Publication Date: December 11, 2016
Genre: Military SciFI


Forty of Earth's most dangerous women compete to become warriors in the interstellar empire known as PULSE. They must endure a Trial on a death-planet filled with monsters and betrayal.

Only three will survive. And the war hasn't even begun.

It's a future like you've never seen before: one populated by amazing (and often unfriendly) aliens and a Humanity that is 100% female. A paradise in some ways, a prison in others, this handful of extraordinary women must fight to stay alive in a brutal universe, enduring an onslaught of deadly challenges, just to join the fight against a star-spanning threat they can scarcely imagine.

THE TRIAL is the first in an action-packed adventure series for all ages, crammed with creatures, combat, courage … and some of the most fascinating new characters you've encountered in years.

Join PULSE! See the universe! You might even survive...

PULSE: The TrialPULSE: The Trial by R.A. Crawford

Crawford delivers a highly imaginative scifi tale of a brutal trial a group of young human woman must face to become a PULSE officer. A PULSE (Planetary Union of Life-form Salvation and Emancipation) officer is a guardian of the female lead galaxy.

Pulse is not for the squeamish or faint hearted, the trials are brutal. If you are also looking for that cute romance or sweet HEA, then Pulse is not the book for you. The tale is dark, with undercurrents of political corruption and bias.

More in the lines of MAZE RUNNER OR HUNGER GAMES, Crawford’s writing visually drops into a harsh world unlike any other, where you watch the contestants die off until only the smartest, strongest and wariest survive.

Although this was a genre I love, PULSE: The Trial wasn't my cup of tea. I appreciated the creativity, world building and premise.

I received this copy of Pulse: The Trial from R. A Crawford in exchange for a honest and voluntary review.

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