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Read Between the Lines by Jill Breugem

Read Between the Lines
by Jill Breugem

Publication Date: January 24, 2017
Publisher: Jill Breugem
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Print Length: 242 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Small town girl Sadie continues to live in the city after finishing university. She finds work as a journalist which ultimately leads to her real passion of writing romance novels. Sadie becomes an accomplished author of many New York Times best sellers. At the beginning of her success she is picked up by Levi, a literary agent to represent her. They become close friends and business associates over the years. What happens when Sadie writes her latest novel about the love she has for him? Will she publish it at the risk of losing him as an agent and best friend?

 Read Between the Lines by Jill Breugem

Read Between the LinesIt’s always the obvious that we miss and for two best friends missing out on finding that one true love becomes a sad comedy of missed signals, teeth-grinding moments and the fear of rejection that keeps them dancing around the subject of “Love.” Jill Breugem’s READ BETWEEN THE LINES is a tale of fear, denial and mixed signals that will have you just itching to jump into the page and trap romance author Sadie and her agent, Levi, alone between two paragraphs and give them “The Talk.”

Sadie has made it big in the literary world, but writer’s block has her stuck between the blank pages for her next novel and a looming deadline she cannot miss. As always, Levi is supportive, but time is a wasting and she needs to give the publishers something. How does Sadie get past her mental block, the one she knows she must? She begins to write about her love for Levi, their relationship, their experiences together and the words flow, even though it is a work of fiction because they have never crossed “that” line. What would happen if Levi saw it? Would he laugh, cry, feel the same?

Their timing has always been off, one or the other will be in a relationship that never lasts, but they always have each other to lean on, to share their most intimate thoughts, but that is what friends do, right?

Jill Breugem may not have invented the genre, but she sure has put a sweet and entertaining spin on the friends to lovers theme! Moments of pure joy, some laughter, near kisses and well-meaning friends butting in proves that no matter how successful we are or how old we are, love just never gets old! We all want it, need it and sometimes it just takes years, misunderstandings and even heartbreak to open one’s eyes to what was always there!

Ms. Breugem’s style is light and airy without being fluff! Her characters are endearing, including the ones who insist on playing cupid. Well-written with a good pace, I can only hope that Jill Breugem never gets writer’s block! She is an author to watch for romance with a side of fun!

I received this copy from Jill Breugem in exchange for my honest review.

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