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Souljacker by Yasmine Galenorn (Lily Bound #1)


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Written by: Yasmine Galenorn
Series: Lily Bound
Sequence in Series: Book 1
Paperback: 268 pages
Publisher: Diversion Publishing
Publication Date: March 7, 2017
ISBN-10: 1682307018
ISBN-13: 978-168230701
Genre: Urban Fantasy Romance

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Lily O'Connell, a succubus, has put her unique talents to work. She owns Lily Bound, an elite sex salon in the Blood Night District of Seattle. When a client turns up dead in her club, and she hears the news that the Souljacker--an old tattoo-artist friend-turned-vampire, who was institutionalized years before--has escaped to reclaim his "artwork," Lily knows she's next on his list. With one of his tattoos on her thigh and nowhere else to turn, Lily hires Archer Desmond, a chaos demon and PI, to track the vampire down before he tracks her. But she didn't expect to fall for Archer-and they say a succubus who falls in love will destroy the heart of the one she seeks to claim...

Souljacker (Lily Bound, #1)Souljacker by Yasmine Galenorn

Yasmine Galenorn does it again by writing another fabulous series that I must follow.

What do you get when a succubus, a chaos demon and a witch walk into a bar…I don’t know but I’m sure Galenorn is going to have us begging to find out.

Lily O’Connell is a succubus living in Seattle. She runs a successful sex salon that caters to the non-human kind. When one of her clients turns up dead in her house, it turns the tiger shifting community against her, so she turns to her standing in the Fae Court to let the queen know about her situation.

The queen uses this opportunity to force Lily into a new career working for her. But this also sends Lily on a perilous path of life altering circumstance.

Lily hires Archer, a chaos demon, and outcast even among his own demon kind. Archer helps Lily discover the what vampire element is behind the murders that have left Lily in the crosshairs.

Nail biting adventure, smoking hot romantic tension and new characters to explore, there is much more a girl could ask for in a marvelous new read.

I received this ARC copy of Souljacker from Diversion Books. This is my honest and voluntary review. Souljacker is set for publication March 7, 2017.

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