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Trigger by Scarlett Dawn (Origin #1)


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Written by: Scarlett Dawn

Series:  Origin

Sequence in Series: 1
Print Length: 140 pages
Publication Date: March 21, 2017
Genre: Dystopian Fantasy Romance | Myth|Folklore

New York Times bestselling author, Scarlett Dawn, has created a fresh and magical new adventure for romance and paranormal lovers alike. Shifters rule the world through corporations after the humans all but destroyed Earth. It's too bad humans are still oblivious. They have no clue terrifying beasts run their broken world.

And then along came a human. A beautiful and klutzy human.

She's the trigger the shifters have been waiting for... But beware of the soul-sucking darkness soon to follow.

Trigger (Origin, #1)Trigger by Scarlett Dawn

Once in a while, you come across an author whose imagination just blows you away. Scarlett Dawn is my go to author with just such an imagination. You’re in a ready slump, you have a totally book hangover, time and time again Dawn’s writing has come to my rescue…so nothing really needs to be said how thrilled I was to receive ARC copy of Trigger, the first book in a new series by Scarlett Dawn.

Poppy Carvene is faced with an unwinnable situation. Marry the man her father, General Carvene, the leader of the Liberation Army, has chosen for her. Chose One: a pre-arranged marriage to a complete stranger, someone in General Carvene’s army, just to become a brood mare… OR Choice Two: join the Corporation Army, an army ran by her father’s rivals and defying her father’s wishes. To join the Corporation Army, Poppy also would have to forge General Carvene’s name to join the Corporation Army because joining without her father’s consent would be against the law and could end her in jail for 10 years…

You know this is going to be good when you have smoldering hot alpha males, a female lead that is as smart as she is smart ass and has the fighting know how to back it up.

Wish I could go into more but you’ll have to get your own copy to check this out. Just must say, once again, as with all Dawn’s storytelling, Trigger ended way sooner that I was ready to let these characters and new world go.

I know <i>Trigger</i> is just coming out but I'm looking forward to:

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