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A Chosen War by Carly Eldridge

A Chosen War
by Carly Eldridge

My rating: 4 stars

Publisher: REUTS Publications, LLC. (April 24, 2017)
Publication Date: April 24, 2017
Genre: Paranormal Fantasy
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
 Nineteen-year-old Maia has spent her life haunted by dreams of a man with uniquely brilliant blue eyes. She never expected she’d actually come face-to-face with him, or that he’d be the harbinger of a chaotic new life. But as shocking as meeting Blake is, it’s less unsettling than her sudden ability to adversely affect electronics and seemingly control—even heal—plants.

Before she can figure out what’s happening, Blake’s cryptic warning about the impending approach of something big manifests as a freak earthquake, destroying Maia’s home and killing her parents. Devastated, Maia has no choice but to turn to Blake, where she learns that the earthquake was not as natural as it seemed. The reigning Terra guardian, or Mother Earth, has gone rogue, wiping out her replacements in a series of orchestrated natural disasters around the world—and Maia is next.

Worse, she’s the only one who can stop the Terra guardian from destroying not just Earth, but the fabric of the universe itself. Now, thrust into a world of celestial beings charged with the protection of the universe, Maia must come to terms with her new powers, and the idea that her destiny was shaped long ago. And she must do it all before she faces off with the woman who controls nature itself.

Intelligent and thought-provoking, A Chosen War takes the idea that everything is connected and wraps it in globe-spanning adventure with just a tinge of romance.

 A Chosen War by Carly Eldridge

A Chosen WarIt was his eyes, brilliant and blue that Maia would see in her dreams, a mystery man, whose face became clearer and clearer with each haunting dream. To a girl whose life has already had its ups and downs, she never expected the chaos that meeting the owner of those brilliant blue eyes in person would bring or that she was meant to be something more than a normal young woman.

The chaos began when Maia met Blake and the sparks flew, literally as electronics went haywire when she was near, while her touch could bring renewed life to the flora around her. When Blake warned of an impending disaster, a less than natural earthquake kills her family and leaves her alone, she learns that Mother Earth, the current reigning Terra guardian has become an evil and power hungry monster, seeking to destroy all meant to replace her in the natural accordance with time.

With a big red bullseye on her back, it is now up to Maia to stand against and defeat the monster Mother Earth has become before she shreds the very essence of the universe. How can Maia be expected to do all this when she is just discovering who and what she really is, let alone know how to control the powers she has been given?

A CHOSEN WAR by Carly Eldridge starts out at full throttle, drawing readers in while both telling a tale of a young woman caught in the middle of a world she had no idea she was a part of and providing huge bites of information to fill in the gaps of both the past, present and future if she fails as the heroine to save the universe. Pay close attention and you will be rewarded with a tale that comes to life, filled with confusion, fear, uncertainty and the angst that Maia feels as she grapples with her new reality and the losses she has faced. And Blake? Who is Blake and what part will he play in Maia’s life? Will he become more than her guide, or her crutch to lean on?

The foundation has been set, the players are in position and evil may have finally met its match as Maia struggles to become who she needs to be and a new series to watch is created.

I received an ARC edition from Reuts in exchange for my honest and voluntary review.

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