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Make Me by Parker Blue (Demon Underground #4)

Make Me

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Written by: Parker Blue
Series: Demon Underground
Sequence in Series: 4
Paperback: 224 pages
Publisher: Bell Bridge Books
Publication Date: April 20, 2012
ISBN-10: 1611941202
ISBN-13: 978-1611941203
Genre: Urban Fantasy
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Shapiro has a secret she’s desperate to keep - she’s lost her slayer powers. As the new guardian of the Encyclopedia Magicka, Val expected the books to give her powers to replace those that disappeared after she lost her “V card” to Shade. But the encyclopedia exacts a price for every spell, making the job of guardian a tricky proposition.

When a rogue demon kidnaps Val’s roommate Gwen and Micah, leader of the San Antonio Demon Underground, Val is plunged into the middle of a Solomon’s Choice. The rogue wants the dangerously potent Encyclopedia Magicka in exchange for her friends’ lives; the succubus leader of the Demon Underground in Austin is demanding the books be destroyed rather than let them fall into the wrong hands and wants Shade for herself, swearing to do everything she can to prevent Val’s turning over the books.

The kidnapping isn't the only crisis Val faces. She’s been betrayed by Fang. Demons and vampires are disappearing. The vamps of the New Blood Movement are forcing Val to keep the terms of her agreement to work for them to combat this new threat.

The Demon Underground is challenging Micah's leadership, and everyone is depending on a now-powerless Val to set things right. Val needs all the help she can get. Even if it means forgiving Fang and spending time with a dangerously sexy cowboy-vampire.

Make Me (Demon Underground, #4)Make Me by Parker Blue

The Demon Underground series has been a consecutive series of events since the beginning. Make Me take place immediately following the events of Fang Me. We find Valentine Sharpiro still struggling with the change in her powers from Succubus/Slayer to the keeper of the books of Encyclopedia Magicka. Val must hide her loss of powers to rogue vampires, or it could be death sentence. Val is also still stuck in a contract with the New Blood Movement vampires and Alejandro, their area leader.

Alejandro wants Val to go to Austin to find out what is going on with the government and the delay in announcing the existence of the supernaturals. Alejandro sends Val, Austin, the vampire, Jack, the last keeper of the book, and Val’s hell hound, Fang, with her to Texas. Shayde, Val’s boyfried, takes himself to Austin to help back up Val.

When in Austin, Val discovers the delay is caused by attacks that are believed to be done by a mythical creature the chupacabra.

To make it more complicated, Shayde is held by another succubus and a Demon named Asmodeus wants the books so he takes Val’s, best friend, Shade’s pregnant, by Fang, hellhound and Micah, leader of the local Demon Underground, hostage.

Fast, easy and entertaining. I really enjoy this series but I do find there is disconnect at times with the characters becoming, in my best terms, shallow. I had a really hard time with Shade’s character and some of Val’s actions. That being said, I wanted to jump right into Dare me to find out what happens next. In the end, Make Me was between a like and really like for me.

I received this copy of Make Me from BelleBooks- Bell Bridge Books. This is my honest and voluntary review. Make Me published April 20, 2012.

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