Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Make Me Yours by Tiffany Roberts (Isle of the Forgotten, #3)

Make Me Yours
by Tiffany Roberts
Series: Isle of the Forgotten - Book 3
Expected Publication Date: April 16, 2017
Genre: Paranormal Romance

After battling the forces of shadow for millennia, Gaelin struggles to hold the fragile threads of his mind together. His only salvation from the encroaching darkness is in finding his mate. But when the other half of his soul is presented to him, she is not what he expected.


Banished to a magical island prison with her twin brother, Mayra finds herself free of their dark master for the first time in centuries. But, with each day on the island a battle for survival, she must face difficult choices — especially when she finds herself powerfully drawn to Gaelin, despite his loathing for what she is.


With her magic sealed and her master coming to retrieve her, Mayra will do anything to keep herself and her brother from enslavement. Gaelin’s offer of aid and protection gives her some hope — but is she willing to pay his price?

Make Me Yours (Isle of the Forgotten, #3)No man is an island, but an island can become a prison for dark, magical beings when their crimes have caught up with them and they have become the unforgiven. An angel is haunted by his own demons, his mind threatens to splinter, leaving him prey to the darkness he has always fought. His salvation is to find his soul’s mate but he never expected her to be one of the dark ones he had dedicated his life to eradicating. How cruel can fate be to show him his soul’s savior and to make her a creature he abhors. Can Gaelin overcome his hatred and accept Mayra as his mate?

Mayra and her brother’s powers have been bound and now they face being sold as slaves. Gaelin can provide a way out of that vile evil, but will Mayra be able to pay the price for Gaelin’s help? Would it really be a hardship for either of them?

MAKE ME YOURS is a true hate to love romance between good and evil that proves that love and a lot of determination and attitude adjustments can heal even the most closed minds and hearts.

Team Tiffany Roberts has once again turned an island of punishment into an island where love can be found, good and evil are not always easily defined and one’s perfect mate can make all the difference in how one sees the world. There were times I wanted to jump in and slap some sense into Gaelin, he could get a little over the top in his hatred for what Mayra was born as, so clearly, once again, Tiffany Roberts has done their job as authors, immersing me fully in the tale they tell so well!

I received this copy from Tiffany Roberts in exchange for my honest and voluntary review.

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