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Merciless Memories (Brokenness Aside #1) by Eden Rowan

Merciless Memories
by Eden Rowan

Series: Brokenness Aside - 1
Publisher: InkedPlot Media; 1 edition (June 7, 2015)
Publication Date: June 7, 2015
Genre: Women's Fiction
Print Length: 62 pages
Available from: Amazon

Mercy Minor is broken...She is shattered by a guy that date-raped her when she was at a frat party at semester's end. She hasn't told anyone what happened, except her best friend Gemma of course.
Now, almost 3 months later, the new semester has begun. She's finally venturing out of hiding to start her new classes, but she doesn't think she'll ever trust another guy again.

Then she meets Camden Michaels, MMA self-defense trainer, and all bets are off. He's smart, sexy, kind. Most of all, he's kind.

But does kindness equate to trust?

Not only that, but there's something about him... something altogether different, and it's not just the kindness thing. Mercy can't quite put her finger on it. Will she allow Camden to get close enough to learn his secrets?

Does she even want to know his secrets?
This is episode 1 in a college based drama dealing with dark themes, with some paranormal elements. 6 episodes in all. See author's site for release dates for next 5 episodes.

 Merciless Memories (Brokenness Aside #1) by Eden Rowan 

Merciless Memories (Brokenness Aside #1)College is a time of growth, spreading one’s wings and making mistakes. It is also a time when some go overboard and become the monsters their families always warned them against. For one female student, her life, her strength and her self-confidence was shattered when one out of control monster raped her when at a frat party on campus.

Mercy now cowers in the background, unable to live a full life, unable to trust anyone and no one knows, except her best friend who is always there to lend her a shoulder and a helping hand. Three months have passed and it is time to join the human race again, but to do so, Mercy needs to know she will never be a victim, again. That is when she met Camden, the MMA self-defense trainer who seems to read Mercy’s very emotions and fears. He is kind, gentle and keeping his distance so Mercy will not be scared off, but there is something special about Camden and Mercy may find she is ready to trust again, as well as insure that no girl will become a victim again.

MERCILESS MEMORIES by Eden Rowan is the first in a series of short tales that view the dark side of life with raw and frank detail. Ms. Rowan has used her talent in a stark way to present a tale that carries a message of hope without the frills and froth of skirting dark realities. Brief and powerful, this series looks to be a must read form an author who pulls no punches.

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