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Oracus: The Emerald Pairing by Paul Gaskill (Oracus, #2)

Oracus: The Emerald Pairing
by Paul Gaskill

Trilogy: Oracus - Book 2
Publication Date: April 26, 2016
Publisher: Paul Gaskill
Genre: YA Fantasy
Print Length: 286 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

The Emerald Pairing is the second novel of Paul Gaskill's young-adult fantasy trilogy.

What Oracus believed to be true, wasn’t. He had lived his whole life in a secret hideaway, a village deep in the forest, unbeknown to the King. But when Oracus became a Rider, his destiny changed.

Oracus is dragged to the forefront of a raging war, for he is a Vassath Rider with powers that can rival the King’s. The journey he faces is formidable – some say impossible – but he must succeed if Pharia is to be freed from the control of its tyrannous King.

Pharia is changing – can Oracus save it?

Oracus: The Emerald Pairing by Paul Gaskill (Oracus, #2)

Oracus: The Emerald Pairing (Oracus, #2)His life is now filled with turmoil, severely wounded and taken into an enemy’s camp after a brutal and bloody battle. Instead of being tortured or killed, Oracus is healed and entrusted with an agreement that will set free him. His powers are finally revealing themselves, he and Bander are now a formidable team, but an event witnessed by his allies, but completely misunderstood has made him an enemy to his own people. How does he prove his loyalty? How does he fulfill his promise to the gray people? How does he stay alive now that he knows his blood is tainted by the vile’s King’s bloodline itself?

Ancient relics of power can defeat the king’s powers and Oracus has them both. But how does he use THE EMERALD PAIRING? One is set into his late father’s fine sword, the other hangs around his neck as a medallion and Oracus is clueless as to how to use them. Our young Vassath Rider may have to do the impossible, but it will come at a price.

Heroes will fall, some in the glory of battle, some for being in the wrong place at the wrong time, too young to have their lives snuffed out. Follow Oracus on his quest to free his people and end the vile reign of the King, shared blood or not.

Paul Gaskill’s world is filled with emotion, action and the magic that only fantasies can bring to life. Fast-paced, filled with daring action, human errors, newly found trusts and a future that remains unknown. Step into Oracus’ world and feel the young man become a true warrior who will do all he can to end the tyranny. I loved the relationship between Bander and Oracus, they were more than two beings who have bonded. They are one, each with their own strong points and each always having each other’s backs. Start to finish the perfect follow up to book one!

I received this copy from Paul Gaskill in exchange for my honest and voluntary review.

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