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Resurrect (Whitney Steel, #3) by Kim Cresswell

by Kim Cresswell

Series: Whitney Steel - Book 3
Publisher: KC Publishing; 1 edition (March 28, 2017)
Publication Date: March 28, 2017
Genre: Suspense | Thriller
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
After two prominent scientists working at privately owned BSL-4 labs in Nevada and Texas are discovered murdered, no one makes the connection until investigative reporter, Whitney Steel, receives a lead pointing to a biological attack using a new chimera virus known as 'Resurrect'.

But when Whitney begins to unravel the truth as to who is behind the threat, enemies far and near surface, and a shocking discovery into the past may change her life forever in a race against the clock.

Resurrect (Whitney Steel, #3) by Kim Cresswell

Resurrect (Whitney Steel, #3)The horrors and unpredictability of viral warfare that will chill your bones comes to life with a raw sense of terror as one woman takes on the power of money and greed to thwart evil unleashed on the masses.

Life was finally peaceful for Whitney Steel, a hard-driving investigative reporter who has made as many enemies as friends, until a message from a ghost throws her sense of safety into the vortex of a raging tornado. Her world and the world of the ones she loves is hanging precariously by a rope held in the grasp of one of her deadliest foes and he has the knife that could cut not only her lifeline, but that of millions of innocent people.

Someone is planning a biological attack on the world and the weapon is deadly virus created in the laboratory of a meglomaniac murderer who holds a secret that could shatter the life of a young child now part of Whitney’s heart and soul.

As she digs deeper, the chimera virus is unleashed and people are suffering rapid yet brutal deaths. Meanwhile, she ignores the threats she receives to uncover who and what is behind this scientific horror until shots are fired, friends are falling and her family is threatened and must go into hiding. With Blake by her side, his law enforcement and FBI contacts keeping them in the loop, Whitney dares to put herself into the line of fire to bring justice and uncover the entire twisted plot to an end. Can she stop another attack before it kills again? Can she find the rock that all of the monsters have crawled under?

Kim Cresswell’s RESURRECT is more than just a tale of suspense with a daring heroine. It is a tale of terror, of sadistic power, of haunting secrets and the lengths one woman will go to for her family and the strangers that she has never even met. Follow this hard-driving heroine in the race against time as she seeks the truth, and ensures a much deserved justice is served.

Once again, Kim Cresswell pulls no punches and holds nothing back as she relates a tale of fiction that, in contemporary society could far too easily become a horrific realty. Gritty, dark and filled with surprising turns, this little nailbiter will twist your insides as you race through each page to a finish that will blow your mind! Trust me, you won’t see this one coming.

I received this copy from Kim Cresswell in exchange for my honest and voluntary review.

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