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Smells Like Weeia Spirit by Elle Boca (The Weeia Marshals Book 3)

Smells Like Weeia Spirit
by Elle Boca

Series: The Weeia Marshals - Book 3
Publisher: Poyeen Publishing (March 24, 2017)
Publication Date: March 24, 2017
Genre: Fantasy Action
Print Length: 362 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Danni Metreaux, a smart Paris marshal with a point to prove, and Sebastien Poyager, her loyal, wealthy and handsome partner, keep getting called in to deal with superhumans behaving oddly for no apparent reason, and innocent people are dying. Will they be able to find the culprit before more people die and the secret of the Weeia is revealed?

Smells Like Weeia Spirit by Elle Boca
(The Weeia Marshals Book 3)

Smells Like Weeia Spirit  (The Weeia Marshals Book 3)Hidden within the human community are people gifted with “super powers.” To remain under the radar of the “normal” people, the Weeia police their own kind. Danni Metreaux is one of the Weeia Marshals, working out of the Paris office, a fish out of water, the square peg in a world with round holes, a bull set loose in a china shop. But Danni is dedicated, smart, well-trained and a force to be reckoned with when she is on a case.
The latest case to come across her desk smells of trouble, mystery and danger for the entire Weeia community. With her trusty sidekick, the handsome, poised and wealthy Sebastian, must discover what is causing gifted Weeia to go berserk like puppets on the string of crazed masters. Their investigation leads to an exclusive private school and they must face the formidable School Mistress to uncover clues as to why people are dying mysteriously after a rapid but unknown disease and what link it has to the academy.

There may be more to worry about as a Weeia perfumer becomes entangled in a deadly chemical attack and Danni realizes that something is rotten in Paris and the Weeia could be outed to the world. But Danni may not be at her best as she reels from news that will bring our heroine to her emotional knees.

Elle Boca is back with another piece of the saga that is Danni Metreaux’s life. SMELLS LIKE WEEIA SPIRIT not only demands that Danni step up to the plate once again, but to do it with only the support of her partner as she continues to be treated as a second class citizen by both her superior and her underlings. Danni is the heroine you want to cheer for, to hug and to stand up for. Sure she is a little hot-headed, less than diplomatic, but no one is more dedicated to doing the right thing.

Get ready to learn what most humans don’t, there are those among us that have special powers and there is one small woman determined to keep both worlds safe, while hiding her world from danger. Moments of humor, attitude and brilliant dialogue once again will bring start to finish entertainment and adventure when Danni is involved! Another shiny gem form Elle Boca!

I received this copy from Elle Boca in exchange for my honest and voluntary review.

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