Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Spells and Persuasions by S.J. Budd

Spells and Persuasions
by S.J. Budd

My rating: 5 stars

Publication Date: March 18, 2017
Publisher: S.J. Budd
Genre: Short Story Horror - Dark Fiction
Print Length: 119 pages
Available from: Amazon

 Welcome to the first collection of short stories by S.J.Budd. A compilation of nine dark tales of darkness, revenge, terror, ghosts and things that go bump in the night. Come and be entertained for an hour of two.
Hear the depraved tales of a desperate junkie with a terrible secret who will do anything to escape her past. A young woman consorts with the occult full of desire for someone to notice her and experience the maddening passions of true love. Charlotte is buckling under the perfection of her dead best friend and seeks to punish her. Greenheart a powerful witch is desperate to save a young girl from being sacrificed to the old ones. Edward is hiding a terrible secret from his wife and the Knocker is coming to pay him a special visit.

 Spells and Persuasions by S.J. Budd

Spells and PersuasionsGet ready for nine short tales that will entertain, amuse, creep you out and think twice about things you wish for! S.J. Budd’s SPELLS AND PERSUASIONS are short, yet complete tales that invite you to enter each world and feel the relationships between each character, whether they are positive, painful or terrifying! How do you handle saving a child you see as a victim only to discover you have made a deadly mistake? If your husband was cheating on you, what would you do, how would you feel, what would you wish for? What if you had a crush on a boy from afar? Would you dabble with magic to gain his undying affection for eternity without ever having spoken to him? Think back to your school days before you answer that!

S.J. Budd’s writing is dark, edgy and sometimes far too believable as I stopped to think, what if? Human relationships at their darkest, magic at its most dangerous, are these just portrayals of the dark side of being human? S.J. Budd has a talent for crisp presentation and keeping each tale short and, well, maybe not so sweet, but certainly intriguing! A perfect lunch break read, one tale at a time! Take a walk on the dark side, you may just like it.

I received this copy from S.J. Budd in exchange for my honest and voluntary review.

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