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The Anatomy of Cheating by Nesly Clerge

The Anatomy of Cheating
by Nesly Clerge

Publisher: Clerge Books, LLC (April 25, 2017)
Publication Date: April 25, 2017
Genre: Suspense | Dysfunctional Families
Print Length: 381 pages
Available from: Amazon

Lust, deception, betrayal, and their inevitable outcomes weave a web nearly impossible to escape in Nesly Clerge’s latest novel. Chelsea Hall is certain her husband is cheating. Again. But how far will a wife go when her adulterous husband pushes her to the edge? Some stop at the cliff’s edge. Others leap into the abyss. Garrett Hall wants what and who he wants. His detachment from their relationship leads Chelsea to seek what she needs elsewhere, and onto a path that leads to bliss. What begins as a dream-come-true soon becomes a nightmare when the line between who is innocent and who is guilty soon blurs. Until the horrifying truth becomes clear. And, the question becomes, Who will survive?

 The Anatomy of Cheating by Nesly Clerge

The Anatomy of Cheating: A NovelAhhhh, the webs we weave…The fairy tale begins with the wedding bells’ toll, or is that the end of the fantasy and the beginning of a raw reality that some are unable to navigate? THE ANATOMY OF CHEATING by Nesly Clerge is a powerful look into the lives of a couple caught up in the material gains and immorality of a successful megalomaniac and his wife, a woman scorned one too many times by a man with no remorse or conscience.

Garrett and Chelsea were once in love, but Garrett has had too many affairs, been too cruel, and shattered Chelsea’s heart, self-esteem and now she has had enough. She needs more. She needs to feel like a woman wanted by a man. Chelsea finds what she needs in the arms of a man with the heart of a poet and she is in love, or is she just fooling herself? Is her dream life just within reach or is it a nightmare about to erupt?

The ugly lies, the untold truths and the cheating become like a bomb ticking down, just waiting to ignite and leave a trail of destruction, mutilation and pain to all whose lives are affected. Can anyone come out unscathed? What about the innocents caught in the crossfire? What happens when it no longer matters who is cheating on who? Two wrongs never make a right, but what happens between Garrett and Chelsea becomes a nightmare of terrifying proportions.

Nesly Clerge is at the top of his game with THE ANATOMY OF CHEATING as he literally carves his tale out of the hearts of his characters. Mr. Clerge doesn’t make his main characters likable, but he does make them human, very human and he does demonstrate the ripple effect of one deed and its aftermath. Intense, frustrating at times and completely engaging, this emotional thriller will burrow deep as every wart, bruise and jagged scar are exposed to the world in the most sinful of ways.

If you are looking for a meat and potatoes read that will be both satisfying and mentally fulfilling, this is it from page one to the ending that no one could see coming.

I received an ARC edition from Nesly Clerge in exchange for my honest and voluntary review.

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