Sunday, April 23, 2017

The Empire's Ghost by Isabelle Steiger

The Empire's Ghost by Isabelle Steiger

An epic fantasy debut, The Empire’s Ghost weaves together the lives of the haves and the have-nots both desperately fighting to reassemble the remains of a fallen empire.

The empire of Elesthene once spanned a continent, but its rise heralded the death of magic. It tore itself apart from within, leaving behind a patchwork of kingdoms struggling to rebuild. But when a new dictator, the ambitious and enigmatic Imperator Elgar, seizes power in the old capital and seeks to recreate the lost empire anew, the other kingdoms have little hope of stopping him. Prince Kelken of Reglay finds himself at odds with his father at his country’s darkest hour; the marquise of Esthrades is unmatched in politics and strategy, but she sits at a staggering military disadvantage. And Issamira, the most powerful of the free countries, has shut itself off from the conflict, thrown into confusion by the disappearance of its crown prince and the ensuing struggle for succession.

Everything seems aligned in Elgar’s favor, but when he presses a band of insignificant but skilled alley-dwellers into his service for a mission of the greatest secrecy, they find an unexpected opportunity to alter the balance of power in the war. Through their actions and those of the remaining royals, they may uncover not just a way to defeat Elgar, but also a deeper truth about their world’s lost history.

Isabelle Steiger has crafted a powerful and masterful debut with The Empire's Ghost, the first book in a haunting new epic fantasy series.

The Empire's GhostThe Empire's Ghost by Isabelle Steiger

DNF. I normally always finish a book but I just couldn't find any connection to the numerous plot lines that were creeping along. I left it and came back 2 times, thinking a mood change or a different day would change my perspective. Unfortunately that wasn't the case. The Empire's Ghost, at 25% (which was probably close to the length of a regular novel) still didn't hold my attention and I have to admit defeat, this read wasn't for me.

I received this ARC copy of The Empire's Ghost from St. Martin's Press - Thomas Dunne Books. This is my honest and voluntary review. The Empire's Ghost is set for publication May 16, 2017.

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