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The Greatest Game by Malcolm Little

The Greatest Game
by Malcolm Little

Publication Date: March 15, 2017
Publisher: Malcolm Little
Genre: Speculative Fiction | Scifi
Print Length: 324 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
The Megastate. A worldwide utopia of the 2040s, realized by the hyper-efficient Soteira, an AI overseeing future humankind. Society in the Megastate is peaceful, enlightened, proficient. Or perhaps that’s merely the surface.

Enter Luther Scotian, Seattle PD detective, cynical about life in a so-called paradise. As the security of the Megastate starts to fray, one of the AI overseer’s top agents—Luther’s ex-girlfriend Melina—recruits the detective. Able to flex his investigative talents anew, Luther finds himself smack in the middle of world-altering discoveries.

A conspiracy unravels. Wanting to ensure its continuity, the superintelligence behind the Megastate aids the detective. Spanning across the Americas, events quickly thrust Luther, Melina and Soteira into a dangerous game of cat and mouse. Their adversary’s goals, concealed aboard a revolutionary space station, involve no less than the undoing of civilization and the re-engineering of humankind.

Amidst androids, autonomous vehicles, augmented reality technology, and a global panopticon, The Greatest Game sends readers on an existential thrill ride. By the last page, you’ll be asking yourself the big questions. Are the goals of the Megastate desirable? What about the counter goals of the adversaries?

 The Greatest Game by Malcolm Little

The Greatest GameWhen you think of the future, what do you see? Flying cars? Everything we desire at our fingertips? Your every move being recorded, perhaps everything you say? Malcolm Little sees a utopia in our not so distant future where Artificial Intelligence now governs the world as one united entity in his character-driven THE GREATEST GAME. Is it really so wonderful or is the world coming apart at the seams, unraveling in slow motion as millions of clueless people go about their daily routines? The AI, Soteira oversees and “guides” humanity to a peaceful, non-aggressive society, but are there rumblings underneath that threaten to implode the world of the future? Guns have been outlawed, cars are a thing of the past, replaced by clean vehicles operated by AI, thus dramatically reducing death. Food is completely chemical free, and everyone has a place, or do they?

As the Megastate security begins to breakdown, Luther Scotian, a Seattle detective is called on by his ex, Melina, a tough as nails member of the AI’s security agency and he finds himself, a little outclassed, a little out of shape, but in control of far more “street savvy” than the unknown opponents. There is a conspiracy to overthrow all the AI has tried to accomplish, is it for good reason? With the help of Soteira, Melina and Luther are about to go off-planet to an extraordinary space station that is harboring a group who desires the completely overhaul of not only the AI’s abilities, but all of humanity. If successful, the world will lay in ruins, billions of people just gone and it is up to Luther and Melina to thwart their goals of total chaos, no matter the price they may pay.

Malcom Little’s world comes immediately to life, his storytelling is masterful and his future becomes a present reality as we are gifted with vivid details, seemingly impossible events and characters, that human or not come to life as unique entities each working for good in their own way. Startling revelations will bring one person to their knees, others will cement their future in a world where the innocents have no idea how close they may come to death. A completely engaging read that surges by as rapid as gunfire as each scene ricochets off the previous one and takes us further into unknown territory. Has today’s society had a hand in this often grim future? Could Malcolm Little be as prophetic as he is entertaining?

I received this copy from Malcolm Little in exchange for my honest and voluntary review.

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