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The No Jock Rule by Ashley Erin (Rule, #3)

The No Jock Rule
by Ashley Erin

My rating: 4 stars

Series: Rule - Book 3
Publication Date: April 11, 2017
Publisher: Ashley Erin
Genre: N/A Romance
Print Length: 190 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes &Noble
Nella Anderson isn’t your typical college student. She has a secret, one she can never share.
With secrets come rules.
Rules set by others.
Rules set by herself.
Nella’s rule is simple. No jocks.
Carter Jacobs doesn’t make keeping her rule easy, but she’s determined not to break it.

Carter refuses to let women get the best of him. He’s seen the fallout and learned early on that you can’t fully trust anyone. Giving someone his entire heart is not an option. Nella has captured his interest, but he keeps himself at a distance.

An online friendship, identities unknown, has Nella and Carter unwittingly trusting each other.
Secrets are uncovered, identities revealed.

Rules are meant to be broken, can they handle the consequences?

The No Jock Rule by Ashley Erin (Rule, #3)

The No Jock Rule (Rule #3)Are some rules meant to be broken? For Nella Anderson, the crushing emotional blow she received at the hands of a high school jock has changed her life forever and forced her to grow up far too soon. Now in college, struggling to keep her dual lives separate, her grades up and her heart from breaking all over again, Carter Jacobs is the very last man she needs to be attracted to and the one man she can never forget. And. He. Is. Clueless.

Sure, Nella has changed since high school, even uses a different name and there is no way she wants Carter to discover why she avoids him at every turn…until she learns why he avoids relationships and the manipulations of a powerful and wealthy man, his father. Revealing her secret to Jacob will free her soul, but it comes with a price, both monetary and emotional. Is she doing the right thing?

What Nella and Jacob discover together is both heartbreaking and heartwarming as one small child becomes the glue that puts their lives back together again.

Shocking revelations, strong friendship bonds and correcting wrongs of the past will open a new world for both Nella and Jacob like nothing either of them could ever have imagined.

Ashley Erin’s THE NO JOCK RULE is filled with angst, bad choices, bad memories the horrors of being played by a wickedly vile man whose idea of love and protection included strong-arming and writing checks. Nella is weighted down by worry, loneliness and the secrets she must keep. How sad that she couldn’t trust in the world more. Jacob could have acted on his feelings many years before, but didn’t. He, too was a puppet in his father’s evil game.

Sometimes hard to read without wanting to jump into the story and give a few well-placed ‘wake up’ smacks, there is a magnetic pull that made me NEED to know what happened.

I received this copy from the author in exchange for my honest and voluntary review.

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