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The Third Throne: Angel of Fear by Tabitha Barret

The Third Throne: Angel of Fear
by Tabitha Barret

Series: The Third Throne - Book 4
Publication Date: April 25, 2017
Publisher: Tabitha Barret
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Print Length: 350 pages
Available from: Amazon

When threatened by a powerful enemy, what lengths will she go to in order to save someone she loves?

Anjali, while recovering from a failed coup attempt in Hell, must battle false gods who plan to wreak havoc on the Mortal Realm. She must hunt an old foe and bring him back to the Hall of Shadows before he creates an army large enough to transform the mortals into werewolves. Is she strong enough to fight the gods or will they use her to conquer the world?

Tristan, the Angel of Fear, has learned how to survive by ignoring the terror inside of him and blindly walking through his day. Though he once wished his Master, Anjali, was dead, secretly he knows that she is the only one who can help him become the angel he was meant to be. Will he stand by her side against a dreaded enemy, or will he betray her in order to be free?

A chance meeting one night with a vengeful god turns Liam Leavitt’s world into a living nightmare. Now, there are two voices in his head: one is the woman he prays can save him from a terrible fate, and the other is the Wolf God who will do anything to bend Liam to his will. Can love protect him from becoming a helpless puppet, or will loving her lead to his demise?

The Third Throne: Angel of Fear is the fourth book in the steamy Adult Paranormal Romance / Urban Fantasy series. Each angel brings the world closer to the Apocalypse!

*Note that this book is intended for Mature Readers due to language, sex, violence, multiple romantic entanglements, and death.

 The Third Throne: Angel of Fear by Tabitha Barret

The Third Throne: Angel of FearThere are three thrones in Hell an until Anjali regained her memories in the mortal realm, her throne sat empty, now she is back and with her comes the power to bring the apocalypse, but first she must regain the trust and love from her warrior Angels and it hasn’t been easy. They sat imprisoned in their own Hell, their master gone and their lives pure torment, not knowing she was unable to return. Slowly, one by one she is regaining their loyalty and trust, but now the Angel of Fear is on the brink, ignoring his inner terror is becoming too much for him and the woman he wished dead is the only one who can save him. Will he accept her help before he spreads fear over the world or turns in the wrong direction for help?

The Wolf God is determined to have his day as the Big Dog as he seeks to turn mortals into monstrous werewolves that will do his bidding while losing their souls to evil. Does Anjali have the power she needs to conquer a god? Will her battle with him be her last? Fenrus has been betrayed by family, humiliated and shamed, now it is his time for paybacks and only if Anjali can keep her wits about her, can she win.

The Wolf God has already claimed another victim and Liam finds his world turned into an eternal nightmare, as he waits for the change he may not survive and struggles with the voices he hears in his head. Will he find salvation in the arms of Anjali, the one destined to bring destruction to all? Either way, Liam will face the unknown and most likely death.

As Anjali is spread thin on all fronts she will discover more of her own vast strength, but will it be enough to survive? Will she once again leave her angels in despair? One false move and even the gates of Hell could shatter...

Talk about action-packed tension and sizzling passion! Anjali is nothing short of fabulous as a character who has grown in depth and intensity as Tabitha Barret brings another addition to her Third Throne Series to life with THIRD THRONE: ANGEL OF FEAR. Filled with a cast of characters who each play their part to perfection, this tale has enough passion to ignite even hotter flames in hell, as well!

Tabitha Barret is a master of intrigue and imagination as she sculpts another unique work of art for fantasy lovers everywhere. They say the beauty of art is in the eye of the beholder, so if you haven’t tried this series, you won’t know how Tabitha Barret has created a hell that is more than just fire and brimstone, and who would want to miss that!?!

I received an ARC edition from Tabitha Barret in exchange for my honest and voluntary review.


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