Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Trigger by Scarlett Dawn (Origin, #1)

by Scarlett Dawn


Series: Origin - Book 1
Publication Date: March 21, 2017
Publisher: Scarlett Dawn
Genre: Dystopian Paranormal Romance
Print Length: 218 pages
Available from: Amazon

Shifters rule the world through corporations after the humans all but destroyed Earth. It's too bad humans are still oblivious. They have no clue terrifying beasts run their broken world.

And then along came a human. A beautiful and klutzy human.

She's the trigger the shifters have been waiting for...
But beware of the soul-sucking darkness soon to follow.

 Trigger by Scarlett Dawn (Origin, #1)

Trigger (Origin, #1)Her father, the leader of the Liberation Army has found the “perfect” husband for his daughter. Too bad he raised Poppy to be independent, lethal and as hard-headed as her father. It is that stubbornness and yearning to make her own decisions that will lead Poppy into the world of the enemy and the arms of the enemy’s King.

Power-packed, quick read time from Scarlett Dawn, everyone! TRIGGER is here, and dystopian world romances will never be the same. Humans have destroyed the world and now it is the shifters turn to control and rule through cover corporations, keeping the humans a little clueless and fighting what they believe is corporate greed.

It is Poppy’s last night before she leaves to join the enemy’s army, not to fight against her father , but to prove she can make it on her own. When a handsome stranger takes Poppy to his bed, it is not your usual one night stand, unless having hordes of guards all around “usual.” But the sex, is magical, animalistic and raw pleasure. Little did Poppy know that while she was screaming with delight, her father was waiting to have a meeting with the King, who, you guessed it, just happened to be the man who drove her to ecstasy more than once.

Can you say awkward? Can Poppy make it in the Corporate Army on her own or will one powerful lion shifter try to ease the way for her? No one will make Poppy a puppet ever again, not even Godric. Will one small human knock the King off his thrown as she steals his heart? Or is she the TRIGGER that can launch a new world?

Scarlett Dawn hits the all high notes and rides the waves of one fun read as she serves up humor and romance in a twisted world that needs more “Poppys” to survive! As soon as my pre-order came in, I was all over this short tale with the huge entertainment factor!

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