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Working For It by Cass Alexander (The Persimmon Series, #2)

Working For It
by Cass Alexander

Series: The Persimmon Series - Book 2
Publisher: Cass Alexander (February 23, 2017)
Publication Date: February 23, 2017
Genre: Romantic Comedy | NA
Print Length: 271 pages
Available from: Amazon
College senior Jen Dixon wants one thing out of life. To get the hell out of the Midwest. She has big plans for her future and nothing will get in her way. Not her crazy mother, not her ex, not even the sexy object of her desires, Scott Kalite. She’s not interested in being tied down in any way other than in the literal sense.

Scott’s been waiting three years to make his move. In his mind, Jen’s already his and always has been. Now he just has to convince her that he’s right.

Working For It is Book 2 of The Persimmon Series, but it can be read as a standalone.

Working For It by Cass Alexander (The Persimmon Series, #2)

Working For ItCass Alexander’s WORKING FOR IT is like a rainbow of laughter, love and romantic chaos as college senior Jen Dixon has one foot out of the Midwest and is determined that NOTHING will get in the way of her great escape. Apparently, she wasn’t prepared when her dream man has decided it is time to make his move on her heart and Scott will NOT take no for an answer…let the games begin!

For three years, one boyfriend and several hook ups, Jen always had a “thing” for Scott, but they seemed to mix like oil and water. For three years, one boyfriend and several hook ups, Scott has watched the girl of his dreams from afar, but now he is determined that NOW is his time. One problem with this almost romance, Scott now attends school a few hours away and Jen cannot wait to get as far away from home as possible. How would they stand a chance?

Prepare to fall in love with Jen’s mind, her snark and attitude and the mental blathering that goes on between all of her little Jens in her head is hysterical! To be honest, I was laughing out loud, just begging to become part of those conversations!

Of course Scott is nothing to scoff at, either, he is smart, funny and just confident enough to take on Jen’s reluctant heart, her saucy mouth and all of her baggage.

Cass Alexander knows how to create young and fresh romance where the angst takes a backseat to heartwarming charm! Ms. Alexander makes being flawed sound just perfect! Caution: read only if you love being trapped in a whirlwind of laughter and love!

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