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Blue Blood by Emma Hamm (Series of Blood, #3)

Blue Blood
by Emma Hamm

Series: Series of Blood - Book 3
Publication Date: May 13, 2017
Publisher: Emma Hamm
Genre: Fantasy | Paranormal Romance
Print Length: 360 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Jasper awakens to find himself captive. The cell that surrounds him is unbreakable. The man who holds the key is evil to his core. There is only one way out of this prison, and it is to do the unthinkable. Return with a person whom the villain desires above all else. To break free and return to Haven, Jasper agrees. But he never expected to find a woman at the center of an enchanted forest, who captures his heart.


She is a regular Sleeping Beauty. For hundreds of years, she has been captive in her own body. Roots tangled in her hair and leaves were her clothing. The years passed. Time turned on its end. And still, no one came for her. Until a Fairy walked into her prison and gathered her into his arms. The time had come for her awaken, but the years wore away at her sanity like water dripping upon a stone. She must fight against herself to be the person she should be.


Darkness brews in the center of the city. Jasper and Mercy must return home in one piece to prevent the evil from spreading. Together, they become a force of elements that cannot be stopped. They will travel from prisons, to enchanted forests, and across Giants territories to find the truth about their world. Whether they succeed or not, means life or death for everyone.

 Blue Blood by Emma Hamm (Series of Blood, #3)

Blue Blood (Series of Blood, #3)In a brilliant “about face,” Emma Hamm’s BLUE BLOOD breaks the molds of her previous Series of Blood novels! Deeper, darker and powerfully written, settle in to get another dose of the mythical beings living within their human hosts, the forces of evil who would squash them like bugs and the woman who will awaken to become the Phoenix. You think you know all there is to know about magic, mythical creatures and the lives they lead? Prepare for a journey into a world where, like the unwanted toys of youth, mythical beings of every ilk live in the secrecy of their tiny village, looking out for reach other, and hoping their piece of the world will remain hidden from evil.

Mercy struggles to hang on to the shreds of humanity and sanity that remain after her imprisonment in the magical tree. Jasper is the man with the wings of a fairy, who freed her, but he has a mission of his own, a mission of darkness as the puppet to pure evil. How could he know the target for his mission would become the woman who steals his very soul? Now, they must become a dynamic team of power and might to fight the forces of evil before all those they care for fall like a house of cards trapped in the crossfire of the turmoil and hate of a dark and deadly villain. Do they have what it takes to succeed? Do they believe in themselves? If the tension rolling around and through these two gets any tighter, it is sure to explode like an over-inflated balloon. They will journey across the land, meet creatures long thought extinct, freeing the truths of their lands to spread far and wide. Heroes, friends and allies will die, but there is only one way to honor their deaths, so failure is not an option.

Emma Hamm’s world is vibrant, alive and magical as creatures of myths come alive and we cannot help but feel as if we have taken the yellow brick road to a land of both dreams and nightmares.

I received this copy from Emma Hamm in exchange for my honest review.

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