Monday, May 1, 2017

Boss Unyielding by Nicole R. Locker

Boss Unyielding
by Nicole R. Locker

Publication Date: MAY 1, 2017
Publisher: Nicole R. Locker | Pronoun
Genre: Contemporary Romance |NA
Print Length: 164 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Farren Fields shouldn’t be attracted to her hot, older boss… But she is.

She’s brains and beauty, unafraid to go after what she wants – until her sexy, Alpha, playboy boss becomes the object of her innermost desires.

Rogan Rayner knows his new star employee is off limits… But when have limits ever been able to stop him?

 Boss Unyielding by Nicole R. Locker

Boss UnyieldingA little sweet and a little spicy, Nicole R. Locker’s BOSS UNYIELDING is that and then some!
Farren is after her dream job, as a tech geek for a powerful corporation run by Rogan Rayner, pure alpha male, pure hotness and definitely not willing to hire her. Why not? Farren is young, yes, but highly qualified, willing to do whatever is necessary to get her foot in the door. Rogan is just as determined to slam the door in her face.

Dejected, a night out with a friend becomes an even bigger disaster when her longtime boyfriend says he needs “a break.” (Jerk) Sobbing in the pouring rain, her knight in shining armor was the last person she expected to see, but Rogan has a change of heart and hires her as his personal assistant, soaking wet, mascara running down her face and all.

What Farren sees is the hidden human side to the sexiest man she has ever met! Now all she has to do is keep her tongue in her mouth and the drool off her chin and prove he made the right choice. Meanwhile, Rogan is finding this young little spitfire has more than a great body, her mind is brilliant and for him, that is the total package and a big danger sign goes off in his heart.

It was a business trip to Italy that launched a flaming hot night that would bring them both to their knees as they pretend it meant nothing. *wink* You guessed it, love is in the air and they think they are being soooo sly about it, but are they?

Who says computer nerds can’t be sexy? Nicole R. Locker proves that not only are looks and attitude sexy, but so are brains! Has the big, bad CEO met his match in the package of the fair Ms. Fields? Has Farren’s Dream Job become a dream come true? Get ready to smile all the way through as Ms. Locker takes us on a sweet trip down Lover’s Lane in the age of computers!

I received an ARC edition from Nicole R. Locker in exchange for my honest and voluntary review.

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