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Charmed by Charlie by Amanda Uhl

Charmed By Charlie
by Amanda Uhl

Publisher: Boroughs Publishing Group (April 18, 2017)
Publication Date: April 18, 2017
Genre: Contemporary Romantic Comedy
Print Length: 233 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Everybody loves marketing whiz Charlie Solanger—except the woman he really wants.

Creative genius Charlie Solanger has it all: good looks, money, intelligence, charm. And when he swoops in to save Reynolds Paint Company with a brilliant marketing campaign, he has all the ladies in the office vying for his attention. Everyone except math whiz Valerie Wilson.

Val’s not happy Charlie stole her promotion. Worse, his brand of flirtatious charm is reminiscent of her cheating ex-fiancĂ©. So, how come she can’t get him out of her head? The more she challenges him, the more interested—and interesting—he becomes. What secrets is Charlie hiding, and who or what is behind the sudden mysterious drain on their company’s funds? The only way to find out is to join forces. Then it will be a battle of wills...and a triumph of hearts.

Charmed by Charlie by Amanda Uhl 

Charmed By CharlieTake one hot mess of a woman, add “that” guy, the one women should steer away from because he is just too perfect and sit back for reading entertainment, mixed signals and the ever popular tug of war of the heart. Strap in tight, we will be entering the mind and heart of Valerie Wilson, numbers woman, and the train will not stop until that very last page…

He was oozing charm, intelligence and that face and body weren’t too bad, either, but there was no way that Valerie was going to drool over Charlie Solanger, the new hire who was everything Val knew would break her heart and then some. Val was determined to at least dislike him…and you know what that means, right? *wink* Okay, so he took the job she thought was in the bag for her, but his heavenly cologne kind of canceled that out with one sniff.

He is supposed to be the savior for Reynolds Paint Company, but he turns out to be So. Much. More. A little mysterious, very charming and he made Val almost believe he was interested in her, but Val is almost engaged to who she thought was a faithful, sturdy guy with big dreams, and that was safe, right?

Toss in some huge misunderstandings, underhanded machinations and a possible corporate takeover, not to mention some very catty, very nasty women and Val is a wreck, does she believe in all that Charlie seems to be or does she believe the gossip and whispers of others who knew just how to choke off her heart?

Amanda Uhl’s CHARMED BY CHARLIE is filled with funny moments, funny thoughts, a touch of self-induced heartache and not only will Val never be the same, but neither will the paint industry! Pull up a chair, grab a blanket in the sand, and get ready to enjoy romance with all of its warts, pitfalls and sweetness. Valerie is a mess, but she has a heart of gold and may be just a little too trusting, a little burned one too many times and a little too afraid to take a chance on what is standing right in front of her. And Charlie? Oh yes, he is a charmer when he needs to play the game, but oh my, I see a lot of readers making him their new book boyfriend in a heartbeat, cologne or not!

Ms. Uhl has put heart, soul and funny bone into this light romance and well, don’t be surprised if you look at paint as more than a color on the wall from now on.

I received this copy from Amanda Uhl in exchange for my honest review.


  1. OH MY! I absolutely love this review. Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts.

    1. I am so sorry it was so late! :)

    2. Diane I honestly thought you forgot and was so bummed because you are one of my favorite reviewers. So this was a wonderful surprise and I'm so glad I'm still on your list:)