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Destiny by India R. Adams (Forever, #2)

by India R. Adams


Series: Forever - Book 2
Publisher: India's Productions; 1 edition (May 16, 2017)
Publication Date: May 16, 2017
Genre: Visionary | YA
Page Count: 617

“Serenity”—Dereck kisses me as he gently lays me back on our bed, moving his body over mine—“if I fail, if I lose you, will I see you”—he chokes on the painful words—“again?”
My throat tightens, fully understanding his fears. He has lost me in every lifetime I can remember. I softly reply with my open heart, “Dereck, you will see me in the future, the present, the past. For everything, including you and me, is as one.”

The phenomenal connection between Serenity and country music star Destiny Crowe cannot be denied. But will they have the chance to learn what this connection is about when dealing with unexplained interferences? Can they handle the pressure, discovering more about who and what they are? Because the more the two women are together, the more things start happening, for better and worse.

The brighter they shine, the more they are seen.
The more they are seen, the more other energies notice… and try to interfere with fate.

In this second novel of the Forever series, destiny will be tested, darkness will be tempted, and love will show its truest form. 

Destiny by India R. Adams (Forever, #2)

Destiny (Forever Book 2)Who and what are Destiny and Serenity? What is their special bond that transcends the earth plane into a land of dreams, visions and emotions? Why do they draw people to them? Why do some become their protectors? Is it Fate? A bond beyond human comprehension? Their pasts holds some answers, but brings more questions. Questions that cannot be understood until they are ready. For all the light they give to the world, there is a darkness that attempts to douse their goodness, and it is getting ever closer, ever more dangerous and ever more deadly.

India R. Adams brings the second book in her Forever series to light with DESTINY as we follow Destiny, the popular singer/entertainer and witness the guidance she gives to Serenity and the confidence she shows in the powers Serenity is just discovering are growing.

Serenity’s powers make her fragile, her demure size makes her seem waif-like and encourages other to watch over her in a world that cannot know she is different. With life comes choices and change and both Serenity and her husband and protector, Derek have changed their life paths when Destiny takes them under her wing and gives Derek the opportunity to fulfill one of his dreams, to be a rockstar. Could it be this very change that will help Serenity learn to grow from within and embrace her true potential as a special being who has faced hell and survived?

When evil closes in under its cloak of darkness, even her protectors may not be enough to keep her safe. Will her innocent view of the world and the undying trust she feels in those around her be her downfall? Could it be that  only one can truly protect her with undying and eternal love? Could it be Destiny's strength and knowledge that will be the light they all need?

Ms. Adams brings a world of fantasy and the unknown to her readers as Destiny and Serenity's tales unfold. Whether you believe in spiritualism or not, in a power we cannot see, in the possibility that there are those who walk among us who are more than human, this tale of love, intrigue, devotion and loyalty will certainly grab at your heart as these characters are caught between what they can see and touch and powers that go beyond human understanding.

There is a special atmosphere to Ms. Adams’ writing as she gives us full-bodied characters, some that seem too na├»ve, some too fearful and some fiercely loyal and protective. It is the evil or dark side that remembers veiled and threatening. There is no face to place on the villain. Could it be because evil invades the weak or the self-righteous, making its number legion? Will Serenity have the strength she needs to come into her own? Will Destiny remain as her guide?

A unique read that flows along almost poetically at times, peppered with humor, kindness and caring.

I received an ARC edition from India R. Adams in exchange for my honest and voluntary review.

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