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Euphoric Drift by Ashley Parker Owens

Euphoric Drift 
by Ashley Parker Owens
My rating: 4 stars

Publication Date: May 4, 2017
Publisher: Ashley Parker Owens
Genre: Poetic Fiction/Scifi
Print Length: 54 pages
Available from: Amazon
"Euphoric Drift" instantly takes the reader on an intimate journey through the ins and outs of UFO encounter, and the resulting mystifying aftermath. Meticulously crafted by a UFO abductee, these poetic snippets of multiple-perspective experiences reveal an exploration of ambiguity--and through that exploration, an examination of the innermost self arises. Obscurity merges with the rigidity of real-life in this collection of compelling poems. By book's end, your psyche will inevitably drift to the far reaches of the cosmos and beyond.This collection of poetry focuses on UFO sightings from different personas who integrate their encounter with a life already crisscrossed with issues from relationships, personal ambitions, and exploration of the self. Ashley Parker Owens is a writer, artist, and UFO abductee living in Richmond, Kentucky, USA.

Euphoric Drift by Ashley Parker Owens

Euphoric DriftUnique to both poetry and science fiction, Ashley Parker Owen’s EUPHORIC DRIFT combines the magic of words with sightings from the heavens. We have all heard of UFO sightings, have even seen the proof in photos, but what about the people who saw them? What were they doing at the time? How did they react? Did they realize what they were seeing?

Regular people do all kinds of things that would put them in a position to see a UFO, ever wonder if you may have seen one and not even known it? Ashley Parke Owens puts her “people” in the right place at the right time and many realize that what they are seeing is NOT Earthly, some do not, but enjoy the visions, anyway, continuing on with their lives. These are their fictional stories.

Told with care, each poem is like a slice of that exact moment when a UFO is spotted. Well done with an atmosphere of wonder that does not shatter the lives of the people involved, but becomes a memory they may or may not question. A quick read, well worth a try!

I received this copy from Ashley Parker Owens in exchange for my honest review.

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