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Heart of Knives by L. V. Lewis (The Complex 0)

Heart of Knives

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Written by: L. V. Lewis
Print Length: 129 pages
Publication Date: June 27, 2017
Genre: Scifi

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The Complex Book Series.
A Lone Planet. One Complex.
Unlimited Chaos.

When an elf princess is threatened for her activism, who will come to her rescue—her fairy prince fiance’ or the handsome human bodyguard she adores?

Princess Amarie Vanyarin has a reputation for doing what’s right, no matter the cost. When she volunteers to act as Elf ambassador at the Complex—a domed community of Humans and Metas on the planet Lorn—a faceless assassin threatens her life. Soon, the civil rights activist is torn between thwarting another war and concentrating on her betrothal to Fairy Prince Erihstall Habbernock. Their plan to strengthen their mystical bond with a love spell goes awry when the magic inadvertently enchants the wrong person.

Or does it?

Amerie soon discovers that her fiancĂ© and Gary Locke, the human bodyguard who’s captured her heart, both have ulterior motives—neither of which bodes well for her.

With the future ahead uncertain, will the headstrong princess continue to fight for Human-Meta peace, or will she choose to confront the emerging threat targeting the men she loves?
Heart of Knives (The Complex)Heart of Knives by L.V. Lewis

The Complex is domed society, trying to restore peace to all the species of Metas and humans by making them live together.

Princess Amarie goes to Lorn to become the Elf ambassador in "The Complex". Her financee, Fairy Prince Erihstall is also at the complex.

Amarie and Erihstal try to strength their marriage commitment with a strong bond formed by a love spell. A human body guard, Gary, thinks she is under attack and jumps in the middle of the spell...forming a bond with Amarie.

Erihstal is just vile, thinking only of himself.
Amarie is really caught up in doing what is expected of her no matter the cost.
Gary Locke, the human body guard caught in the middle and now in love with Amarie.

It is all tied to deeper mechinations to destroy the peace, the reason for The Complex in the first place.

HEART OF KNIVES was imaginative but didn't have enough character development, even for a novella length read.

I think I would of appreciated it more in a 1st person telling.

Fast paced, packed full of characters that fly by and a glimpse into THE COMPLEX and its clash of worlds, I'm glad I read it.

I received this ARC copy of Heart of Knives from Jungle Fever Press. This is my voluntary and honest review. Heart of Knives is set for publication June 27, 2017.

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