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Hunter Claimed by A. M. Griffin (Dark Wolf Enterprises, #3)

Hunter Claimed
by A.M. Griffin

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Dark Wolf Enterprises - Book 3
Publisher: Totally Bound Publishing (April 25, 2017)
Publication Date: April 25, 2017
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Print Length: 218 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

When Hunter and Asha’s worlds collide, neither is able to walk away from the other.

Asha has a simple plan for her life—her hopefully soon-to-be immortal life. All she’s ever wanted was to be so powerful that no one could ever hurt her again, and once she becomes a Vampire her dream will come true. Sure, being a Vampire’s protégé isn’t the easiest job a girl could have, but there are far tougher roads she could be walking, like following in her drug-addicted mother’s footsteps.

Hunter Arany hates Vampires, and with good reason. So when Dark Wolf Enterprises is forced to hire a group of the blood-suckers to find out who’s been stealing company money, he’s sure having them around will be a problem. He never figured it would the Vampires’ human servant who causes him the most trouble—trouble of the love and life-mate kind.

He’s hoping to convince Asha a brighter future exists in his arms, but old dreams fade slowly and can become living nightmares—of the dying kind.

 Hunter Claimed by A. M. Griffin (Dark Wolf Enterprises, #3)

Hunter Claimed (Dark Wolf Enterprises #3)They say three times is the charm and for A.M. Griffin, that is certainly true as she hits even greater heights with book three in her Dark Wolf Enterprises series. HUNTER CLAIMED is filled with action, fabulous characters and a life lesson or two woven into a tale that with get a chokehold on your emotions. Prepare for a maze of events leading to that final page in true Griffin style!

Hunter is a wolf shifter whose parents were murdered by vampires. Asha is a human working as an assistant to a powerful vampire in hopes of being turned one day. She isn’t looking to be immortal as much as to be so powerful that no one can hurt her as they have all of her life.

When the Dark Wolf Enterprises needs an outside investigator, they are forced to call on the vampires to discover who is embezzling their funds. Color Hunter angry, livid and mistrustful until his wolf says Asha is their mate. Fate has played crueler tricks, at least she is human, right? All he has to do now is convince her she belongs to him without upsetting her vampy boss…too much.

Meanwhile, will the vamps find the money trail and show the wolves the money and the culprit?
A.M. Griffin fills each page with an intensity and adds just enough kinks and knots in the story line to make putting this book down almost impossible! And that ending? Nope, didn’t see that one coming!

I received an ARC edition from A.M. Griffin in exchange for my honest and voluntary review.


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