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Love Bites by Jeanne Bannon

Love Bites
by Jeanne Bannon

Publication Date: March 5, 2017
Publisher: Jeanne Bannon
Genre: Romantic Short
Print Length: 138 pages
Available from: Amazon
From international best-selling author, Jeanne Bannon, comes the story of Jack O’Hurley, a man who's protected his broken heart by running away and refusing to open himself to love. After years of hiding behind any excuse not to let his walls down, he can’t help but be intrigued when he meets the most unusual woman he’s ever set eyes on. Star is certainly not what he’s been looking for but she just might be what he needs.

As Jack begins to fall in love with the eccentric Star, another woman vies for his attention. Torn between the two very different but equalling alluring ladies, he puts into play his tried and true system for determining whether he will continue to date a woman — introducing each to his dog, Phil.

Crazy as it may seem, Jack trusts Phil’s instincts more than he does his own. The only problem is that none have yet to pass the Phil Test.

 Love Bites by Jeanne Bannon

Love BitesDog lovers are going to find an extra reason to enjoy this short and sweet tale of a love foretold in the cards. Cute, with a quirky character or two, LOVE BITES by Jeanne Bannon is the tale of taking a chance on love again.

Jack was left at the altar. Since then he has become a loner and his best friend is his dog, Phil. For Jack, Phil is the litmus test for potential girlfriends, because if they don’t pass the Phil test, they are excused. He is used to the town playing matchmaker, but when a quirky and sparkly young woman tells him he is her future husband AND this woman passes the Phil test…well, shouldn’t the rest be history?

Of course, things can never go that smoothly in the game of love, right? I mean, aren’t Star and Jack supposed to fall in love, too? Is love really in the cards for Jack or will his love life depend on the wag of a bushy tail? Hey, Cupid does have helpers, you know!

LOVE BITES by Jeanne Bannon is pure light and easy entertainment, no angst, too many cooks in the kitchen of love and one pretty smart pooch who knows more than every human around her, except maybe Star!

I received this copy from Jeanne Bannon in exchange for my honest review! A tiny nugget of a gem for a tiny nugget of reading time!

I received this copy from Jeanne Bannon in exchange for my honest review.

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