Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Not Just Voodoo by Rebecca Hamilton & MORE

Not Just VoodooNot Just Voodoo
by Rebecca Hamilton & MORE Fabulous Authors

To celebrate the release of Something Like Voodoo by New York Times bestselling author Rebecca Hamilton, we've put together this paranormal fantasy collection of short stories that include works from some of her favorite authors!

Most of the stories in this specially curated collection are brand new, exclusive content - never before distributed anywhere else and yours for the taking!

If you're in the mood for unique magic and familiar creatures, this anthology is sure to add spark to your day!

Margo Bond Collins - Major Arcana
When a teenage fortune teller in a traveling carnival meets up with an attractive townie, she finds new magic in her tarot cards.

Erin Hayes - I Wish I Weren’t A Djinni
A djinni who is summoned by a young man has the power to grant any of his wishes; he simply has to believe her enough to ask.

Aileen Harkwood - Splintered Magic
Though Saige McMullins may feel like nothing more than a half-witch freak, when evil with a nasty appetite threatens the beach town of Lost Cliff, she knows she’s the only one who can stop it.

L.C. Hibbett - Wicked Witch
Destiny isn’t a good witch. She lies, she cheats, and she dances on the dead. But Destiny has a secret that might just change everything…

Megan J. Parker & Nathan Squiers - Journal of Abigail DiAngelo
As a hunter in training and high school student, Abigail DiAngelo would much rather live a normal life than fight monsters with her father, but when an unexpected chance for change arises, it’s up to her to take charge...

Katerina Martinez - The Witch and the Thief
When Nicole Harriman receives an urgent prophetic vision, it’s up to her to protect what is hers.

K.N. Lee - Awakened
A young witch betrays her darkest secret and risks her crown, life, and soul for the love of a human.

Nicole Zoltack - Gavin’s Gamble
Gavin thinks nothing can be worse than having a witch hunter for a father until he experiences possibly magical phenomena...

Debbie Cassidy - Deadtown
A pocket of crazy, a town hostage to magic, and a mysterious warlock boss equal a recipe for disaster.

Alicia Rades - Visions Among Frost
Crystal Frost can see ghosts and predict the future, but when her friends pull out a Ouija board at their sleepover, it’s up to her to clean up their mess.

Monica Corwin - The Dying of the Light
When Charity dies on the first day of her new job she rallies with the help of her new reaper partner, and her eight remaining souls, to take down the criminals responsible.

Jasmine Walt - Tested by Magic
Shifter and bounty hunter Sunaya Baine would much rather chase after hardened criminals, but when a child goes missing in her magical city, she’ll stop at nothing to find her before she falls prey to the real things that go bump in the night.

Thea Atkinson - Reaper’s Redemption
A grim reaper’s next fare might be her last.

Rebecca Hamilton - Leaves Like Magic
A young witch joins forces with a shapeshifting ally in a race against the clock to save her best friend from vampires.

 Not Just Voodoo by Rebecca Hamilton & MORE

Not Just VoodooSo many books, so many wonderful authors, how can we choose who to read next? This fabulous paranormal authors have gotten together and given readers a collection of short stories that are like those appetizers before the main course, absolutely delicious and leaves your palette ready for more, more, MORE!

Author Rebecca Hamilton has gathered together some master chefs of the paranormal world who share some new short stories, some tried and true shorts and I have to say, I have found a couple new authors to covet, some favorites to indulge in and look forward to stuffing myself on calorie-free reading heaven!

From shifters to vampires and beyond, follow a daring rescue in a race against time, check out the first day on the job for a new reaper, the last day on the job for an experienced reaper, the power of the Ouija Board and so much more!

Guaranteed great reading, some dark, some not so dark, but each has the distinct flavor of the authors who wrote them! When in doubt, try this sampler plate! NOT JUST VOODOO is a must try, one bite at a time!

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