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Orchestra of Treacheries (The Dragon Songs Saga #2) by J.C. Kang

Orchestra of Treacheries
by J.C. Kang

Series: The Dragon Songs Saga - Book 2
Publisher: Three Moons Press; 2 edition (June 1, 2016)
Publication Date: June 1, 2016
Genre: Epic Fantasy
Print Length: 586 pages
Available from: Amazon
Kaiya’s voice could charm a dragon.

It’s been two years since she put down a rebellion with the magic of the Dragon Scale Lute. With the instrument destroyed, her musical talents are inconsequential compared to her value as the last unmarried child of the ailing emperor.

Potential suitors see her as a stepping stone. One ruthless cousin would rather step on her gravestone. Not one to get walked over or buried, Kaiya is holding out for the exiled foreign prince who inspired her to sing. The only one who appreciates her abilities more is the world’s last dragon, Avarax, and it’s not because he enjoys a good song.

Conspiracies eat away at the empire from the inside, while aggressive neighbors wait to consume what’s left. Raw and unproven, Kaiya faces tasks worthy of an imperial princess: defuse escalating conflicts between rival lords. Negotiate peace with foreign powers. Vanquish a dragon.

The magic of her voice is untrained. However, as crisis jolts her from a pampered palace life into an adventure of court intrigue and international diplomacy, Kaiya finds mentors in unlikely places. An elf courtier. An ancient healer. A martial arts master. And an evil sorcerer. She’ll need their guidance to survive the final showdown between a girl finding her voice, and a dragon who has no intention of being fooled a second time.

Orchestra of Treacheries (The Dragon Songs Saga #2)
by J.C. Kang 

Orchestra of Treacheries (The Dragon Songs Saga #2)He was fooled by a golden, enchanting voice once, but the last dragon, Avarax will not be sung into sleep again. She has been used as a pawn, a stepping stone to power, a figurehead and she may be the last hope to sing the evil dragon to sleep again. Kaiya is grown, no longer the awkward young teen. She is now a beautiful princess with a strong-will and an unlikely cache of mentors who see the power and the beauty in her song. What Kaiya needs is to use her magic for more than parlor tricks, she needs to believe in the magic of her voice, her song and herself, for one day, she may be all that stands between her world and Avarax.

Political machinations, the lust for power and deadly deceit will surround Kaiya as she is to become the liaison to cool the rising tensions between both her land and rivaling war lords in search of the ultimate power of control. In a treacherous journey far from the coddling arms of her royal palace, Kaiya grows in both personal strength and political savvy, but will it be enough to prevent the traitors that fawn at her feet to keep both her mission and herself alive? As Kaiya discovers that she is not safe anywhere, who will she trust?

Elves, half-elves, healers, masters of defense and even an evil sorcerer will all play a role in preparing the Imperial Princess for her awaiting fate, but in the end, it will all fall to Kaiya, herself.

J.C. Kang’s ORCHESTRA OF TREACHERIES is a magical journey into the world of epic fantasy with an Oriental flare that bespeaks of the beauty of a land that understands the part nature plays in well-being with the scents of flowers coming to life, the descriptions of vast buildings and palaces as well as the magic of song, faith in oneself. Not a land of fairy tales, this land has its own ugly underbelly that is dark, vile and filled with an ORCHESTRA OF TREACHERIES at every turn, even in the arena of political marriages.

Non-stop intrigue, rich character development and an atmosphere filled with wonder and honor to the past and the fabled, J.C. Kang has taken me on another incredible journey of discovery!

I received this copy from J.C. Kang in exchange for my honest and voluntary review!

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