Sunday, May 21, 2017

Prelude To Insurrection by J.C. Kang (The Dragon Songs Saga 0.5)

Prelude To Insurrection
by J.C. Kang

My Rating: 5 stars

Series: The Dragon Songs Saga - Book 0.5
Publisher: Three Moons Press (May 1, 2017)
Publication Date: May 1, 2017
Genre: Fantasy
Print Length: 75 pages
Available from: Amazon

Only an orphan half-elf spy can avert a rebellion before it starts.

Jie’s superior senses have made her the perfect lookout. Now, as the adopted daughter of the Black Lotus Clanmaster, she wants to prove her pointed ears aren’t a liability when she’s tasked to infiltrate a rebel lord’s castle.

In this prequel novelette to Songs of Insurrection, Jie must decide between her duty to the emperor and her sense of compassion toward the downtrodden. No matter her choice, it will have explosive consequences for her, the realm, and the upcoming war.

Prelude To Insurrection by J.C. Kang
(The Dragon Songs Saga 0.5)

Prelude To Insurrection (The Dragon Songs Saga #0.5)You know how it is when one character will just jump out at you, the character that plays a pivotal role in an ongoing saga, the one you NEED to know more about and yet, their past remains shrouded? PRELUDE TO INSURRECTION is J.C. Kang’s answer to who IS Jie and what made her the warrior she is today? Discover Jie as a younger elf, feel what she feels and witness one of the experiences that made her who she is.

It is brief “preludes” like this one from J.C. Kang that gives life and dimension to characters we already feel for. It is “the rest of the story” for one of his most colorful characters and proof that he knows what readers need and will go the distance to bring it to the table, the fact that he does it so well is just another bonus from this talented fantasy author.


  1. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Book 4 reveals so much more about Jie--who started off as a minor character, but readers loved her so much, she got a larger and larger role!

    1. Cannot wait to start it! Happy writing!