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Rehumanized Drew: A Windstalker Story by K.M. Baginski

Rehumanized Drew:
A Windstalker Story
by K.M. Baginski

My rating: 4.5 stars

Publication Date: March 7, 2017
Publisher: K.M. Baginski
ISBN-10: 1544713010
ISBN-13: 978-1544713014
Print Length: 384 pages
Genre: Dark Fantasy
Available from: Amazon
Drew Royce was a lot of things he didn't want to be. A murderer, rapist and ex-Windstalker. His humanity was poorly spent; and all he has after his taste of the supernatural is a battered and ignored soul. The weight of his actions visit him each night as proof he must still be alive. But now, even as an abducted criminal, kept ward by an evolved Nephilim race and used as a weapon against their enemy, he still has to defeat the beast who stole his humanity - himself.

 Rehumanized Drew: A Windstalker Story by K.M. Baginski

Rehumanized Drew: A Windstalker StoryThe phrase, “He is a changed man,” takes on a very poignant meaning for Drew Royce. Drew’s past is something that could give nightmares to a saint. Once a predator, now he is a man on the run for his very life. Drew’s past is long, dark and ugly as a human murderer and rapist and finally, a Windstalker, an undead shape-shifter, the product of human/angel cross-breeding.

He is now human once again and would do anything to make up for or atone for his past, but first he must evade the clutches of the being responsible for his becoming a Windstalker. He is being hidden by a group who need him as a weapon against their enemy, but is he emotionally capable to take on anyone?

Even a man with a wicked past can find a small amount of peace in a world filled with danger. For Drew, it came in the shape of a beautiful woman, Amelia. But Amelia has her own past that hides beneath the surface of her beauty and a sweetness that makes their budding love affair seem warm, simple and real.

K.M. Baginski’s REHUMANIZED DREW is a dark tale that plunges readers into the fascinating world of the supernatural, flawed humanity and the horrors of a past that won’t stop tearing at a man who is desperate for a future, love and forgiveness of himself.

Dark, gritty and very well-written, REHUMANIZED DREW takes on a life of its own as well-developed characters become the main focus in a world that pulls the readers in and refuses to let go! If you like your supernatural tales to wear a veil of the unknown, characters with dark secrets and the foul stench of evil lurking in the shadows. K.M. Baginski has a tale just for you!

I received this copy from K.M. Baginski in exchange for my honest and voluntary review.

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