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Save the Date by Aven Ellis ( Chicago on Ice, #3)

Save The Date
by Aven Ellis

Series: Chicago on Ice - Book 3
Publisher: Soul Mate Publishing, LLC (May 17, 2017)
Publication Date: May 17, 2017
Genre: Contemporary Romantic | Sports
Print Length: 230 pages
Available from: Amazon
Chicago event planner Collins Brady knows how to make the magic happen for her clients. From elaborate weddings to cute baby showers, Collins knows what to do to make an experience breathtakingly perfect. In her mind, she adds the sparkle that makes everything shine.

If only she had that same sparkle in her personal life.

While she’s good at her job, her true career dreams lie elsewhere. If she could do anything, it would be to become an equestrian riding instructor. That dream, however, is shelved due to practicality. And that’s not the only thing Collins has shelved. After ending a relationship with her college sweetheart, Collins has taken her heart out of the game, too. She wonders if that magical kind of love can exist. But maybe it’s only a fantasy.

Or is it? All of that changes the night she meets Luca Ballerini, the rookie goalie for the Chicago Buffaloes. Passionate and fiercely determined, Luca has only made time for hockey in his life—until he meets Collins. Her spark hasn’t escaped him, and now Luca wants something other than his hockey career.

But following their dreams and hearts isn’t always easy. Can Collins and Luca find a way to live their dreams with each other?

Will love get past them? Or will this goalie make a perfect save of Collins’ heart?

Save the Date by Aven Ellis ( Chicago on Ice, #3)

Save The Date (Chicago on Ice #3)Finally, the Goalie gets his story! Seriously, what would a hockey team be without a goalie? What would a goalie be without someone to love? It’s lonely down there in the net and there is always a second string goalies just one score away from taking your position. Luca is living his dream, but sometime she is too wrapped up in being the best he can be.

Collins is the event planner who knows how to make things shine, even if she is dealing with a bridezilla or the dreaded Monster of the Bride. It’s her personal life that is dull, because she has a dream and it isn’t dealing with weddings or banquets, but how does she follow her dreams when others need her? Did I mention her love life is non-existent?

….and then they meet, the Goalie with the heart, the romantic side and the need for someone as special as the Event Planner. Their meeting isn’t magical, but their connection is like rockets going off. The banter is easy, there is no pressure, but wow, there is romance, human flaws and misunderstandings, lack of communication and, wait, sounds like love, to me! Yep, real, honest to goodness love.

The question is, is it possible to have it all? Are these two capable of reaching their dreams together? Clearly another case of Teamwork of the Heart and Aven Ellis is back with her playbook of fun romance and happily ever afters!

Save the Date is what love is all about, encouragement, working through tough times and compromise! Aven Ellis knows how to make heroes that are hot enough to melt ice, not just with their looks, but with their heart, and heroines who are strong, sweet, sassy, yet smart enough to want the love that stands right in front of her. Luca and Collins may be one of her sweetest couples yet!

A little quirky, a little swoon-worthy and just right to put a smile on your face as once again, Love scores with an assist from Cupid and Aven Ellis, this book's MVP!

I received an ARC edition from Aven Ellis in exchange for my honest and voluntary review.

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