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Snowy Pines by Chris Snider

Snowy Pines
by Chris Snider

Publication Date: April 18, 2017
Publisher: Chris Snider
Genre: YA Horror
Print Length: 110 pages
Available from: Amazon

Every Hospital has its secrets.....

Something horrible happened between Carson McClain and his wife Julie that tore them apart. He waited day after day for her to contact him again and let him know if they still had a marriage. When he finally got that call she wanted to see him in person, forcing him to travel cross country from Baltimore Maryland to California. Along the way he gets caught in the middle of a blizzard on a deserted road in Colorado. He learns that he's in a place called Snowy Pines. Driving along, in the seconds it takes him to put down his phone,he ends up in an accident colliding him head on with a tree. He wakes up to find himself being carried by paramedics whose faces are in shadows before once again going unconscious. The second time he wakes up it is in a long abandoned and dark hospital room. It is there that his life changes forever at the horrifying things he sees. He will soon learn that he didn't arrive here by accident and that there's a purpose for him being here. Journey with Carson through a living hell, also known as the hospital......Snowy Pines

Snowy Pines by Chris Snider 

Snowy PinesWith a heart filled with pain, Carson made the most difficult decision of his life and his wife, Julie will never forgive or forget. The time has come to face facts, their marriage is over and en-route to her new home, Carson is in an accident that puts him in the Snowy Pines hospital, but something is freakishly wrong with this dark and dank building. The horrors he witnesses and the unbelievable events he must play a part of are more than mere accidents, they are Fate, a fate Carson never dreamed of in his worst nightmares, a fate that will change him for all eternity.

For sure, Chris Snider has twisted another daring tale that will leave chills running up your spine. SNOWY PINES is “THAT” hospital, the one that is run from Hell, as ghoulish nurses, ghastly doctors and depravity run rampant and one man must find a way to get discharged while still alive.

Like a taste of dark horror? Want to jump in fright? Have an aversion to hospitals already? Welcome to SNOWY PINES where there is never any over-crowding…and romance can be fatal.

I received this copy from Chris Snider in exchange for my honest and voluntary review.

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