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Stalker, My Love by Zack Scott

Stalker, My Love
by Zack Scott

My rating: 4 stars

Publication Date: May 14, 2017
Publisher: Zack Scott
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Print Length: 306 pages
Available from: Amazon
An untraditional love story where fantasy clashes with reality, and happily ever after seems like an elusive dream. 
Welcome to Pine Bridge, a small town rife with secrets. Personal is everyone's business and passion is high.

With the disappearance of Rosalyn Ray, tensions soar and fingers point in every direction: the boyfriend, the best friend, the mother and the stalker.

Frustrated by the search going nowhere, Rhett Calloway makes it his mission to discover the truth and find the girl. Some people in Pine Bridge say he's obsessed. Some say he's dangerous. Some say he's hurt Rosalyn. All Rhett knows is he's loved Rosalyn since they were kids and he'll do what it takes to see her again. 

 Stalker, My Love by Zack Scott

Stalker, My LoveRosalyn is missing, her car was found, but she was nowhere to be seen. Has there been foul play or was she escaping a dead end town, a dead end relationship and a strange and quirky stalker who loved her from afar, while trying to be her savior and protector? And what about the man she hit that night with her car?

The police have theories, lots of them, and suspects, too, but nothing concrete. Was Rosalyn abducted? Did her brutish boyfriend do something with/to her? Was it her stalker? Could it have been the visiting author with the loose morals and bestsellers that revolve around sex? Can you trust in a copy who eats the crust of the pizza first? Is someone hampering the investigation by trying to steal evidence?

Zack Scott’s take on suspense, relationships, (or lack of), is a unique twist on life in a town where everyone knows your name, you never live down a reputation and one of the popular locals is missing with everyone clueless. Fingers are pointing, and her number one fan is working overtime to formulate a list of who dunnit and why. Rhett seems to be the number one suspect, even though everyone knows he loves her, as evidenced by his stalking.

A cast of interesting characters highlight the down-to-earth descriptions in Zack’ Scott’s words. STALKER, MY LOVE is not exactly a cozy mystery, but doesn’t exactly have down and dirty grit. While some characters have anger management issues, others seem to be clinging to reality by a thread. Bottom line, there is no butler, so, who dunnit and did anyone do anything? Could Rhett go from lovestruck stalker to hero or will he prove to be a worse villain than Snidely Whiplash?

I received an ARC edition from Zack Scott in exchange for my honest and voluntary review.

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