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Terrible Love by Lyra Bayer

Terrible Love
by Lyra Bayer

My rating: 5 stars

Publisher: Simply Genuine Publishing (April 11, 2017)
Publication Date: April 11, 2017
Genre: Women's Fiction
Print Length: 508 pages
Available from: Amazon
A grass roots effort by an independent artist to make a statement about secret lives. In her debut novel, Lyra hooks readers into an unsettling journey, chronicling a “memoir” of her character, Stella Forrester.
Reading much like a diary, Stella discloses the secrets of a woman desperate to comprehend the absence of passion in her life.
Unhinged by an unlikely love affair, Stella sets a course for self-destruction, optimistic that in doing so she will be reborn.
Terrible Love forces readers through a broad spectrum of authentic experiences, provoking unease, but ultimately, building empathy for enigmatic souls easily stereotyped and cast aside.

Terrible Love by Lyra Bayer

Terrible LoveTo the outside world, she had it all. A dentist, mother and wife, Stella should have been content, happy even, but she knew her life was missing something that she believed others all had in spades, PASSION. is that what Stella truly lacks, or is it something more?

Stella imagined what others saw in her, as she sat through the tales of lives well-lived, well-loved, all the while feeling like a fake piece of cut glass in a world of perfectly cut diamonds. Was she so wrapped up in herself that she failed to see all she had? Were those around her who needed her truly the inconvenience and road back to the life she saw just around the corner? Why was her marriage passionless? Had she studied for years to embark on a career she went into for the wrong reasons?

Falling for a man who said the right things, shared her feelings, and understood her “mere human” ways, Stella’s inner siren sets her on a path to try an open marriage, which, once again, she abysmally fails at, crushing a little more of the relationship she has with her husband. Always on the run to “find” happiness, seminars, trips and clubs would each prove to fall short to meet her needs. Will Stella ever discover where her happiness or passion should come from? Is she so shallow that she never learned how to find the real passion in life? Is she doomed to see herself as the downtrodden martyr? How many times will she seek the unattainable, the free-spirited only to take offense when others respond?

Debut author, Lyra Bayer uses stark and raw descriptions that leave Stella wanting as a heroine to adore. I found Stella to be a selfish individual. Just the lack of major interaction with her family seemed to show how uninvolved she was emotionally in her reality while pining for a man she cannot/should not have. Stella is human, flawed, unsettling, insecure and unsympathetic to others around her. Does that always make her wrong? No, but she seems to have failed to mature, no matter her expertise, or success as a professional.

TERRIBLE LOVE is certainly not a read that will bring sunshine and flowers throughout each page. It IS, however, a sad statement of what many people go through each day as their ability to seek happiness from within and to give of themselves without expectations, but because they want to. Thought-provoking, sometimes uncomfortable and many times disagreeable, there is a magnetic pull to discover just what, if anything Stella will learn on her journey of “discovery.”

Well-written, although a little heavy on “big people” words, Stella’s life is sure to make almost anyone feel better about their own!

I received this copy from Lyra Bayer in exchange for my honest and voluntary review.

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