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The Emerald Blade by Steven Kelliher (The Landkist Saga, #2)

The Emerald Blade 
by Steven Kelliher


Saga: The Landkist Saga - Book 2
Expected Publication Date: June 1, 2017
Genre: Epic Fantasy
Number of Pages: 636
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 One Sage is dead. Five remain.

For Kole, Linn and the newly-minted heroes of the Valley, their victory is short-lived in light of new revelations.

The King of Ember is alive. But the man who once led his people against the forces of darkness is changed. His path now takes him to the north and a land called Center, where he intends to bring his power to bear against another would-be God.

While Kole and Linn gather a small company to follow the King, another group heads for the northern deserts, intent on discovering what power the Emberfolk left buried in the sands.

The Dark Months have faded, but the light cannot last. The time for hiding is over.

It’s time for the World to meet the Landkist.

The Emerald Blade by Steven Kelliher (The Landkist Saga, #2)

The Emerald Blade (The Landkist Saga, #2)Searing blades, heated blood, epic battles, powerful forces long lost have returned, but are they the warriors they once were or is the man known as the King of Embers now fighting for an agenda of his own?

THE EMERALD BLADE wields the magic and power of his namesake. Witches, Sages, Willows, dark forces, forces of light, foes worthy of battle, the powers of the Emberfolk, powers of ice and cold, the land has become a battlefield from the South to the Center lands to the North. It is time for the Landkist to declare their place in the world, but not until both heroes and enemies have fallen. Will the battle between light and dark never end?

As Kole and his allies stand for good, they will falter in their resolve, but their quest is not over. Follow them as they wield the powers of their fire and their weapons against death from the skies and all around them. Witness their growth as a team, as limbs of one great tree as they prepare to face a power that even the Eastern Dark fears.

From start to finish, the action and turmoil is non-stop as THE EMERALD BLADE continues the saga that began in THE VALLEY OF EMBERS. Magical beings, hideous beasts, and dark powers who are like puppets dancing to the strings controlled by others. Where does reality end and the veils of the myriad of magical powers begin?

Steven Kelliher’s world is epic fantasy come to life. Rich in detail, high velocity action, uniquely created characters and scenes that put readers into the action, feel the immense size of the battlefields as described by this author’s pen and watch as even a simple color becomes part of the powers in play.

Each character comes to life with unique abilities, in-depth physical descriptions and realize that sometimes what meets the eye is not always the true reality. This epic fantasy dares you to leave your simple world behind and become part of a world where anything can and most likely will happen. Rest up, this journey is filled with non-stop challenges and surprises as our heroes fight to control the energies they possess as they are called upon by their very hearts and souls to vanquish evil.

Steven Kelliher has stepped up to the plate and hit this one out of the ball park!

I received this copy from Steven Kelliher in exchange for my honest review.

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