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The Fallen Kingdom (The Falconer #3) by Elizabeth May

The Fallen Kingdom
by Elizabeth May

Trilogy: The Falconer - Book 3
Publisher: Chronicle Books LLC (June 13, 2017)
Publication Date: June 13, 2017
Genre: YA Fantasy
Print Length: 400 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
The long-awaited final book in the Falconer trilogy is an imaginative tour-de-force that will thrill fans of the series. Aileana Kameron, resurrected by ancient fae magic, returns to the world she once knew with no memory of her past and with dangerous powers she struggles to control. Desperate to break the curse that pits two factions of the fae against each other in a struggle that will decide the fate of the human and fae worlds, her only hope is hidden in an ancient book guarded by the legendary Morrigan, a faery of immense power and cruelty. To save the world and the people she loves, Aileana must learn to harness her dark new powers even as they are slowly destroying her. Packed with immersive detail, action, romance, and fae lore, and publishing simultaneously in the UK, The Fallen Kingdom brings the Falconer's story to an epic and unforgettable conclusion

 The Fallen Kingdom (The Falconer #3) by Elizabeth May

The Fallen Kingdom (The Falconer, #3)Here at last, the final book in the Falconer Trilogy and Elizabeth May does NOT let up on the intrigue, the heartache, the impossible and all of the twists and turns in between! THE FALLEN KINGDOM will try Aileana in more ways than she could ever imagine. She will be asked to do things she never thought she could, but the fate of two worlds are in her hands and she cannot fail, but with her second chance at life, there is a price to pay and that price is dreadful, and time is running out to break the curse. The earth is dying and darkness envelopes hope with hopelessness.

Can Aileana put her heart, her hopes and her dreams on the back burner? Only one ruler can survive, will it be the Queen of the Seelie Court or the King of the Unseelie Court? Either way, hearts will break and Aileana is about to learn the meaning of pain as she searches for a hidden book guarded by Morrigan, a faery with a cold and evil heart. As the clock ticks down on Aileana’s ability to control her dark powers. Will she finish her quest before the powers destroy her one last time?

Ms. May has brought this trilogy home with the same dazzling pen she began it with. Enter a world of conflict, love and hope for an unknown as the weight of it all falls on a young woman of heart, honor and determination. With strong characters, this tale is intricately woven from the finest threads on imagination.

I received an ARC edition from Chronicle Books, LLC in exchange for my honest and voluntary review.

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