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The Gate Guardian's Daughter by K.T. Munson (The Gate Trilogy - Prequel)

The Gate Guardian's Daughter
by K.T. Munson

Trilogy: The Gate Trilogy - Prequel
Publication Date: May 20, 2017
Publisher: K.T. Munson
Genre: YA Fantasy
Print Length: 28 pages
Available from: Amazon

The interplanetary gates require guardians and the reformed demon Malthael is one of them.

His adoptive daughter, Elisabeth, is special, but her dangerous ability hasn’t awoken yet. Malthael knows it will one day and from then on her life will forever be altered. Malthael isolates her from outside world as much to protect everyone else as to safeguard her. It is all he can do to delay the inevitable.

Now that Elisabeth is ten, how long can Malthael keep her confined?

The Gate Guardian's Daughter by K.T. Munson
(The Gate Trilogy - Prequel)

The Gate Guardian's DaughterThe interplanetary gates needs a guard. It is the responsibility of the demon, Malthael. With his “family” by his side, his biggest worry is his adopted daughter, Elizabeth, only ten, but very special and her true nature has not come out yet.

Feeling the loneliness of a child who has been isolated for her own good, she jumps at the chance to have a friend who will spend hours sitting on the wall with her, playing games and reading. It is that very need for friends and the kind nature of her heart that worries Malthael the most…and then the unfathomable happens…

What an intro into The Gate Trilogy! A little background, some family dynamics and the kind of danger all children are warned of and all parents fear. K.T. Munson’s THE GATE GUARDIAN'S DAUGHTER is short and sweet, but packed with just enough story to feel the family relationship, no matter how different this family is! Elizabeth is an adorable child, na├»ve, and far too innocent for the world around her.

I was actually sorry to see this brief peek into The Gate Trilogy end because I know it is the promise of great things to come!

I received this copy from K.T. Munson in exchange for my honest review!

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